Westland overtakes Solus and Gardman in turnover

There are over 1900 companies related to the garden industry listed in Gardenforum’s Company Results pages. Here’s a summary of those that have published new figures in the last few weeks. To see more detail and other companies you are interested in, log on to Tradeforum/Company Results – it is free for Gardenforum members.

The results refer to trading in 2012, which you may remember started very strongly with a record spring. However the weather turned wet in the second week of April and it rained for almost a year, damping down sales.

Nurseries on the up:
House plant supplier Double H (Nurseries) increased sales 13% to £21m but pbt fell to £241k,
Europlants (UK) increased profits by 69% to £487k for y/e Jan 2013 on sales slightly lower at £6.9m
Gilbert Thompson (Leeds) , one of the largest wholesale cash and carry nurseries in the UK increased sales to £23.5m and profits to £545k for y/e Oct 2012.

Nurseries that fell back:
Barcham Trees reported sales of £5m and pbt of £140k for y/e Apr 13, both lower than the previous year.
Sales at Ornamental Plantsdropped 20% to £7.5m in 2012. The company recorded a loss of £290k.
At £21.3m sales in 2012 at Roundstone Nurseries were level with the previous year. But the company fell into the red with a loss of £703k.
Sales at R Delamore fell 23% to £7.2m for y/e Nov 2012. This lead to a loss of £834k.

Garden Centres showing growth:
Chessington Nurseries pushed sales up 2% to £8.9m and profits slightly ahead at £130k for 2012.
Despite a drop in sales from £4.8m to £4.5m, B E Enterprises - (Bourne End) increased profits sharply to £645k in 2012.

Garden Centres that had a less good year:
Clifton Nurseries’ sales fell back 7% to £2.8m and losses increased to £423k for year to August 2012.
Sales at Planters Garden Centre fell back slightly to £7.9m in 2012 and pbt showed a similar slight fall at £429k.
The Gardens Group made a loss of £178k on sales slightly lower at £5.7m in 2012.
Thompson Bros. (Esher) that operates Garson Farm saw a sharp reduction in profits to £77k (£670k) for the year to March 2013. Sales fell 11% to £11.2m.
The Garden Centre Group Trading had a small drop in sales in 2012, to £259m. There was a loss of £20.1m. More details have been published on Noticeboard concerning the ultimate holding company – Trellis Capital.
Sales at Denys E. Head fell 7% to £6.2m, leading to a loss for the y/e Jan 2013 of £52,000. The company that operates Forest Lodge Garden Centre.
Sales fell slightly at Polhill Garden Centre to £10.6m, yet profit held steady at £686k for 2012.

Suppliers with a fall in sales:
Sales at Deroma UK fell to £1.3m with a loss of £1m
Forest Garden Group experienced a 4% drop in sales to £49.2m in 2012, but there was a small return to profit with a pbt of £48k. However, borrowings dropped significantly from £12.3m to £7.8m.
Gardman sales fell 13% to £64.7m for y/e Jan 2013. Profits collapsed to £213k from £4.3m the previous year.
In the last two years sales at Li-Lo Leisure Products have fallen from £25.4m to £11.6m. There was a loss in 2012 of £913k.
Sales at Desch Plantpak fell 7.5% to £12.6m in 2012 and losses increased to £1.2m.
In the year to Sept 2012 Sales at Solus Garden and Leisure fell 12% from £96.1m to £84.2m. This led to a sharp fall in profits from £2.1m to £136k.
Although Spear & Jackson UK increased sales slightly to £11.6m, the company made a loss of £381k for the y/e Sept 2012.
Sales at Trans - Continental Group fell 33% to £10.6m leading to a small loss of £49k in 2012. The company has the SnowTime and SunTime brands.

Suppliers that improved performance:
Haemmerlin increased sales in 2012 to £9.5m (£9.1m), profit increased to £185k.
Mercia Garden Products has increased sales 34% to £18.1m, at the expense of pbt which fell from £585to £391.
Rolson Tools added 3% to sales at £13.6m with pbt slightly higher at £854k.
Decco bounced back with a profit £4.5m despite sales falling slightly to £90m for 2012.
Vatre Terracotta edged profits up to £223k on sales that fell slightly to £6.7m in 2012. The company trades as Apta.
Westland Horticulture increased sales by 38% £93.8m in 2012, increasing profit 21% to £5.7m. Westland acquired Cranswick Pet products in April 2012.
Doff Portland has been sold to 151 in December 2012. During the year sales increased 25% to £12.1m, but there were losses of £1.7m.
Sales edged higher at Floramedia (UK) to £5.2m, profits increased to £195k.
GJ Handy supplies mowers to garden retailers. The comapny increased sales by 18% to £23.1m. Profits grew by half to £1.3m for y/e Nov 2012.

Other organisations:
Revenue fell 8% at The Horticultural Trades Association to £24.6m, but it returned to a surplus of £327,000 in 2012, the first year under the leadership of Carol Paris.

Pbt refers to profit before tax ,a s does the reference to profits. That means the results may be affected by exceptional items.
Y/e is the year ending
If the results refer to 2012, they are for the calendar year 2012.
For the full company results service go to http://www.gardenforum.co.uk/results/index.htm
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