The Gardens Group donates surplus stock to charities, hospitals and schools

The Gardens Group is putting excess stock to good use in support of key workers and everyone doing their bit to stay home throughout the lockdown, using unsold plants to contribute to the work of carers, hospital staff and teachers.

  • Poundbury Gardens near Dorchester has contributed small plant kits to the members of The Countrymen’s Club, a group of vulnerable adults who suffer from conditions including dementia. The plant kits contain a collection of plants that need to be potted on, along with some compost and larger pots to plant into.
  • Castle Gardens have donated a selection of houseplants to Yeatman Hospital in Sherborne, brightening up window sills across the site,
  • while the team at Brimsmore Gardens supplied some spring plants for the flower beds at Yeovil hospital, providing a cheerful welcome for all, including wildlife visitors.
  • Any other items that could use a little extra TLC are being donated to local nursing homes, not-for-profit organisations and schools, which stayed open throughout Easter for the children of key workers. 

Mike Burks, managing director of The Gardens Group and chairman of the Garden Centre Association, said, “Community is at the heart of what we do at The Gardens Group, so we’re looking for every opportunity to support those in need during this period.

"Surplus stock has become a great vehicle for this, and while a loss in sales in never welcome, it’s very rewarding to see the impact that these plants have had in schools, homes and hospitals across Dorset and Somerset.”

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