Syngenta celebrates 25 years of Delta

Syngenta Flowers celebrates 25 years of Delta® Premium Pansies and declares renewal of the whole Delta®-series in the next two years.

In 2021 the Delta® series consists of 30 colours, as a result of a continuous process of breeding and improvement.

In 2010, Syngenta Flowers breeder Robbie Gieslink took over the legacy of Martien Gutter, Founding father of Delta.  Giesling said, “For over 25 years a Syngenta Flowers team of breeders, growers, pollinators and scientists have been working every day to create the best pansies for all our customers: grower, retailer and consumer.

“We want our customers to have pansies that are easy and reliable to produce, sell through and enjoyed in every garden. I am proud to lead the breeding process of Delta® Pansies for over a decade now and I’m grateful to see our pansies being produced and enjoyed all over the world.

“But there is no time to sit back and relax; climate change, the need for more sustainable production, evolving consumer trends are changing the requirements for success of tomorrow’s pansy.

“In 2021 the Delta® series consists of 30 colors and lots of improvements. The newest addition is the Delta® Orange Imp. This improved variety is outstanding and already a new reference for the renewal of the whole Delta® series which will start in two years already with a lot of new varieties on an again much higher quality level.”

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