Seiont Nurseries and Joy of Plants to promote new plants

Company: Joy of Plants and Seiont Nurseries

One of the UK’s leading plug and liner suppliers has this month partnered with a plant information company to offer its customers a library of images for webshops and websites.

Looking at ways to help garden centres

Seiont Nurseries has been looking at ways to help garden centres promote new plants via their webshops and websites and now contributes to Berkshire-based Joy of Plants’ ‘PlantShare’ library.

Neil Alcock, Managing Director at Seiont Nurseries Ltd in Caernarfon, Gwynedd, said: “For many years we have been working with leading breeders and agents to bring their new plants to market. There hasn’t been an easy way for us to help garden centres promote those new plants in store, and now that a digital presence is so important, via their websites and webshops. We were looking for a way to feed images and information about new plants from the breeders and agents we work with through to the garden centres.

An easy way to promote our new plants

“By collaborating with Joy of Plants on their ‘PlantShare’ library, we are giving garden centres an easy way to promote our new plants via an image library that they can all use for webshops and websites.

“Joy of Plants helps breeders and agents by selecting appealing images and adding copyright protection to them, by making sure that plant names are correct and plant information is of the highest quality. And, by making the images and information available via their services, Joy of Plants vastly reduces both the time spent by breeders and agents in sending information out to garden centres, and the time spent by retailers adding that information to their websites and webshops. It’s a win-win for all parties.

New plants

“Our new plants include fantastic new varieties like Berberis thungerbii ‘Orange Ice’ from Breeder Plants, Buddleja ‘Grand Cascade’ from Walters Gardens Inc. (c/o Botanics International), Heuchera vilosa Frilly ‘Alchefril’ from Genesis Plant Marketing Ltd, Escallonia ‘Good as Gold’ from Peter Moore, Weigela Picobella Rosa ‘Tvp2’ from Plantipp, Geum Tempo™ Rose ‘Tngeutre’ from Terra Nova Inc, Chionochloa falvicans ‘Taupo Lights’ from van Vliet New Plants and Perovskia ‘Crazy Blue’ from Walter Blom Plants BV.

For further information about Joy of Plants, please visit and for Seiont Nurseries

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