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Each month Gardenforum’s Company Results pages are updated with the latest accounts filed at Companies House. Here is a summary of the results updated within the last month. To see the full figures visit the Company Results in Tradeforum. The report includes sales, profit before tax, fixed assets, interest paid, total borrowings and shareholders funds for the last 3 years to show the trends for your competitors and the companies you trade with. You can get further detail with a full company report from Jordans for only £15.

Suppliers / Manufacturers
Bosch Lawn and Garden lifted sales 9% to £148m. Profits halved to £2.3m for y/e Dec 09.
Doff Portland revealed sales of £9.9m but fell to a loss of £126k for y/e Nov 09.
Sales at Parlane International fell 7% to £6.8m, but losses of the last 2 years were arrested with a profit of £29k for y/e Dec 2009.
Losses were reduced at The Scotts Company (UK) to £3.2m on sales that were 16% higher at £108m for the y/e Sep 2009.

Garden Centres / Retailers
Blooms of Bressingham (now part of The Garden Centre Group) published sales of £24m, 10% down on 2008. Y/e Dec 09.
Blue Diamond UK lifted sales 17% to £30.5 with profits of £511k for y/e Dec 09. (Gardenforum has already reported that overall Group sales were £44m, with profits £3.2m, see 15/6/10).
Chessington Nurseries increased sales by 10% to £7.4m. Profits grew strongly to £153k. Y/e Dec 2009.
Dobbies Garden Centres published sales of £104m and profits of £9.8m for the year to Feb 2010.
Turnover fell for the 2nd year at Focus (DIY) , down 2% to £365m. Losses reduced to £11.7m. Total borrowings increased to £383m at y/e Feb 2010.
Homebase increased sales 4% to £1.48bn with a return to profit with £41.3m. Borrowings increased to £442m for y/e Feb 2010.
Profits increased to £504k for Matlock Garden, Waterlife & Pet Centre for y/e Dec 2009.
Turnover fell 9% at Old Barn Nurseries (now part of The Garden Centre Group) to £3.8m for y/e Dec 2009.
Profits at Rochford Garden Machinery recovered to £476k on sales of £11.5m for y/e Nov 2009.
Ruxley Manor Garden Centre increased profits to £555k on sales of £7m for y/e Dec 2008.
Sales at Sanders Garden World (now part of The Garden Centre Group) fell 5% to £6.3m for y/e Dec 2009.
The Garden and Leisure Group returned its first profit for 3 years with £96k from sales of £42.7m, up 6%. Y/e Dec 09.
The Garden Centre Group has published a profit of £293m, larger than the total sales of £251m. For an explanation and the trading results see the Gardenforum article "‘A Great Achievement’ says Garden Centre Group chairman" dated 2/9/2010 on
Sales recovered at Tong Garden Centre to reach £4.3m yielding a profit of £100k for y/e Jan 2010.

RHS Enterprises continued its expansion with sales lifting 10% to £18.9m in y/e Jan 2010.

N.b. Profits in all cases refers to PBT – Profit before Tax

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