Profits suffer as companies release 2008 results

Each month Gardenforum’s Company Results pages are updated with the latest accounts filed at Companies House. Here is a summary of the results updated on Gardenforum within the last months. To see the full figures visit the Company Results in Tradeforum. These include sales, profit before tax, fixed assets, interest paid, total borrowings and shareholders funds for the last 3 years. This shows the trends for your competitors and the companies you trade with. You can get further detail with a full company report from Jordans for only £15.

  • Ball Colegrave, who have recently announced links with Florensis, held sales at £20.8 million but increased profits to £1.2 million for y/e Sep 07.
  • Butters Group declared a loss of £2.1 million on sales of £36 million for y/e Sep 08.
  • DLF Trifolium published a profit of £1.1m on sales of £25.3m for y/e Jun 08. Borrowings have increased over last 3 years.
  • Elsoms Seeds held sales at £15m for y/e Jun 08. Profits declined slightly to £937k.
  • Profits recovered to £544k at J Parker Dutch Bulbs (Wholesale) for year to Jun 08.
  • Profits fell for the third year at James Coles & Sons (Nurseries) to £45k for y/e Sep 08.
  • Sales grew to £13.6m at Johnsons of Whixley, but profits fell for the third year to £56k for year to Sep 08.
Suppliers / Manufacturers
  • Sales fell back to £57m at Andreas Stihl with profits tumbling to £1.1m for y/e Dec 08.
  • Sales at Bayer plc increased 19% to £345m. Profits remained static at £33 million, while borrowings fell. Y/e Dec 08. Bayer Cropscience are also reported.
  • Bosch Lawn and Garden returned to profit with £5 million on sales 19% higher at £136 million for y/e Dec 08.
  • Chase Organics (Great Britain) declared a profit of £165k on sales of £2m for y/e Nov 08, both slightly lower than the previous year.
  • Sales fell sharply at Deroma UK to £7.6 million in 2008. A loss of £2 million was published and debts doubled to £4.3 million.
  • Profits declined to £89k at E J Godwin (Peat Industries) for y/e Jul 08.
  • Eden-Halls Greenhouses fell into the red with a loss of £212,000 on sales of £3.4 million in 2008.
  • Losses continued at Fiskars Brands UK on sales down slightly at £11.9m for 2008.
  • Mower supplier, GJ Handy & Co, increased profits to £585k for y/e Sep 08. Borrowings continue to fall.
  • Hayter increased sales to £24.2m, returning to profit with £216k for y/e Oct 08.
  • Husqvarna UK increased sales to £134.7m and profits to £6.5m in 2008.
  • Losses at Joseph Metcalf increased to £1.5m on sales of £10.4m for y/e Sep 08.
  • Sales at Monro Horticulture increased to £29.5m but profits fell to £17k for y/e Jun 08. Borrowings increased to £14.5m.
  • Richard Sankey & Son dropped into the red with a loss of £408k on sales slightly lower at £18.3m for 2008.
  • Stewart Plastics increased profits to £1.2m on static sales of £11.7m for y/e Sep 08.
  • Profits recovered to £482k at Suttons Consumer Products, with sales static at £17.2m for y/e Jun 08.
  • Thompson & Morgan UK increased sales11% to £12.3m, while profits fell back to £305k for y/e Jun 08.
  • Turnover at Vitax fell 14% to £7.5m; profits also fell sharply to £101k for y/e Aug 08.
  • Woodlodge Products grew sales 5% to £6.5m, although profits declined to £476k for 2008.
Garden Centres / Retailers
  • Adrian Hall published turnover 4% lower at £5.7m with breakeven profits. Y/e Jun 08.
  • Burston Rose and Garden Centre saw profits fall to £40k in y/e Jan 09, from £144k in the previous year.
  • Caerphilly Garden Centre posted a profit of £192k on sales of £1.8m in the 12 months to Oct 08.
  • Clifton Nurseries in London increased turnover 15% for y/e Aug 08 to £3.3m, but declared a loss (£62k) for the third year.
  • Profits fell back to £644k at Gordon Rigg (Nurseries) for y/e Jul 08.
  • Hollybush Nurseries increased turnover to £6.7m and reduced losses to £223k for y/e Oct 08.
  • Klondyke Group increased sales 19% to £38m, with profits sharply higher at £3.4m, y/e Sep 08. Borrowings have risen to £40m.
  • Profits at Newbank Garden Centre grew sharply to £804k, y/e Aug 08.
  • Notcutts sales fell back to £36.9m with profit of £271k for y/e Aug 08.
  • Profits halved to £431k at Otter Nurseries and borrowings increased to £3.8m in 2008.
  • Park Garden Centre broke the £10m sales level and increased profits to £652k for y/e Aug 08.
  • Profits jumped to £214k at Polhill Garden Centre in 2008.
  • Sales jumped 37% at RHS Enterprises to £17.1m for y/e Jan 09.
  • Profits edged lower at Scotsdale Nursery and Garden Centre at £709k for the year to July 08.
  • Summerhill Nurseries increased sales to £3.9m but profits reduced to £120k for y/e Sep 08.
  • Sales and profits edged lower at The Garden Store, being £4.1m and £72k respectively for 2008.
  • Van Hage & Company (Holdings) saw sales fall 12% to £13.3m but a profit of £5.2m. Borrowings fell by almost £6m. Y/e Jul 08.
  • West Coast Capital (Hortis) Group, the company controlling Wyevale Garden Centres, declared a turnover of £244m and a loss of £94m for 2008. There has been a capital restructuring since. See the company section of Noticeboard – 8th June 2009 for the details.
  • Turnover at Woodcote Green Nurseries increased to £8.5m with profits edging higher to £232k for y/e Aug 08.
  • Boningale, nurserymen and landscapers. Declared increased profits of £330k for y/e Jul 2008.
  • Datateam Business Media declared a profit of £555k for y/e Jun 08.
  • Fordingbridge, manufacturer of specialist garden structures, increased turnover to £5.7m but fell to a loss of £364k in 2008.
  • Sales at Interpet fell to £17m and losses increased to £671k for the year to Sep 08.
Other companies updated on Gardenforum’s Company Results recently include
Ace Equipment (Croxall)
Aylett Nurseries
Barlow Tyrie
Bennetts (Irongate)
Blooms of Bressingham, now one of the Wyevale group of companies
Bridgemere Nurseries Trading, now one of the Wyevale group of companies
Brinkman (Horticultural Service) UK
Carnon Downs Garden Centre
Cheviot Trees
City Irrigation
Cobbins Nursery
Codsall and Wergs Garden Centre
Cotswold Hardy Plants
Crowther Nurseries
Elite Greenhouses
Elsoms (Spalding)
Fermoys Garden Centre and Farm Shop
Flitwick Garden Centre
Flying Brands Holdings (UK)
Flying Flowers
Fonthill Nurseries & Scott’s
Glencrest Seatex
Gordale Nurseries
Goulds (Dorchester)
Growth Technology
Hawley Garden Centre and Nursery
Hilltop Garden Centre
Keith Butters
Kindergarden Plants
Liss Forest Nursery
National Polytunnels
New Place Nurseries
Nursery Fresh Plants
Old Barn Nurseries, now one of the Wyevale group of companies
Otter Nurseries (Torbay)
Perryhill Nurseries
Pleydell Smithyman
Plymouth Garden Centre
Podington Nurseries
Poplar Nurseries
Rochford Garden Machinery
Sanders Garden World, now one of the Wyevale group of companies
Sandhill Nurseries and Garden Centre
Spread Garden Supplies
Stagecraft Display
The Camden Garden Centre
The Garden Centre Association
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