Poundbury Gardens to mark 15th birthday

Company: The Gardens Group

On 1st March, Poundbury Gardens will celebrate its 15th anniversary, with founders Mike and Louise Burks announcing plans to undertake 15 community planting projects to mark the occasion. Set to benefit charities, schools and essential service providers within Dorchester and the surrounding area, these projects will take place throughout 2021.

First Project

The first project to be announced is the creation of ‘The Garden of Hope’ at Damers First School in Poundbury, an outdoor space designed by the school to symbolise how the community has come together throughout the COVID-19 crisis, while also incorporating a memory garden.

Ideas from pupils will guide the project and Poundbury Gardens will be providing plants, equipment and practical support to help bring it to life.

Having spent a decade and a half serving the local community from the edge of Queen Mother Square, Poundbury Gardens, which is part of The Gardens Group, has decided to channel all of its celebratory funds into these local initiatives, using the anniversary as an opportunity to provide a much-needed boost to some of those most affected by the COVID-19 crisis. 

Our role in the local community

Mike Burks, managing director of The Gardens Group and chairman of the Garden Centre Association, commented: “We’ve always taken our role in the local community very seriously, but following the events of the past 12 months, we wanted to use our 15th anniversary to make a difference to those around us.

Individuals, families and groups across the community have gone above and beyond for their neighbours, while enduring unforeseen challenges and having to put their lives on hold, so this seems like a fitting moment to look ahead to the future with these planting projects, symbolising renewed optimism and brighter days ahead.

‘The Garden of Hope’ at Damers First School is the perfect embodiment of this sentiment, so we’re delighted to be collaborating with the children and their teachers on this wonderful new outdoor space. I can’t think of a better way to kick off our year of planting projects and look forward to sharing details of the remaining 14 over the weeks and months to come.” 

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