Plant Healthy appoints new Director

Company: Plant Healthy Limited

The Trustees of Plant Healthy Limited have announced the appointment of Malcolm Catlin as its new Project Director, effective from 29 April 2024. 

Taking over from Alistair Yeomans and working closely with Defra and the other partner organisations of the Plant Health Alliance, Malcolm will oversee the development and promotion of the Plant Healthy Certification Scheme and the Plant Health Management Standard, which promote and enhance plant health and biosecurity measures to protect plant species and associated ecosystems in the UK and beyond.

Malcolm Catlin has worked in horticulture for the last 31 years, including running a mail order plant business, commercial and technical roles for suppliers of plants to multiple and online retailers and, for the last 6 years, as a consultant providing support on product sourcing and selection, compliance standards, sustainability reporting and plant health.  He is also a member, and current Chair of the Eastern Branch, of the Chartered Institute of Horticulture.

Delivery has to be accessible, practical and make good business sense

Sir Nicholas Bacon, Chair of the Plant Health Alliance, said: “I am delighted to welcome Malcolm to this important role at a key time for plant health in the UK. He takes over from Alistair Yeomans, who for the last 5 years has made a significant contribution to Plant Health.

“Malcolm’s breadth of experience stands him in good stead for the challenge of continuing to deliver a robust programme that maintains and raises plant health standards across as much of the horticultural, arboricultural and forestry sectors and associated industries as possible. The essence is that the delivery has to be accessible, practical and make good business sense.”

Everyone I know wants to do the right thing

Malcolm Catlin, incoming Project Director, said: “Having had experience of audits and assurance systems, of working through the recent changes to plant health procedures, and of liaising with Defra and trade bodies on access to plant health and procedural information, this role immediately appealed to me. 

“Everyone I know wants to do the right thing in terms of protecting plant health, but they also need support in understanding and applying the rules in an effective way, based on risk.  Plant Healthy is an ideal way of providing this support and recognising best practice.”

He added: “Horticulture and forestry encompass many different sectors and the Plant Health Alliance is uniquely placed to cover all of them.  To be as effective as possible, there is an urgent need to increase the awareness and coverage of Plant Healthy across the board.  Alistair Yeomans will continue to provide support as needed to ensure a seamless handover.”

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