Notcutts Woodbridge Garden Centre to start Phase 2 of redevelopment

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Notcutts Woodbridge Garden Centre has announced that work on Phase two of its major modernisation and improvement programme is set to begin. Phase two, which will further enhance the destination experience enjoyed by customers, follows the opening of the modern and spacious new restaurant, restored woodland nature walk and a show garden which have opened over the past two years.

The new redevelopment work starts in June and includes two large new canopies which will create a magnificent, covered area for customers to enjoy and plants to thrive, whatever the weather.

Access from the road for customers will be via the roundabout and a dedicated and welcoming new entrance for customers is being created close to the car park on the left-hand side of the site. Delivery vehicles will be kept separate, using the existing access point.

To enhance the environment of the garden centre, four new statement trees are being planted. These trees are being carefully selected to create seasonal, visual appeal in considered locations.  They will replace a partially diseased twisted willow tree which is nearing its end of life and will be removed to help make way for the redevelopment.  The new trees will also significantly compensate for the lost carbon sequestration of the ageing willow.

Caroline Notcutt, Vice-Chairman of Notcutts Garden Centres, said: “I have a strong emotional connection to our Woodbridge Garden Centre as it was the first of the Notcutts Garden Centres to open in 1958.  My Great-Grandfather Roger Crompton Notcutt enjoyed the wellbeing benefits of growing plants and being outdoors on this site when he founded Notcutts almost 125 years ago.

“The Garden Centre is already at the green heart of the community where many come to be inspired by the wonderful displays of plants and nature. Our Nature Walk gives local people the opportunity to enjoy the benefits it can bring to health and wellbeing, as well as providing a home for many wildlife species.  This re-development will further enhance the experience enjoyed by many of our visitors.” 

Darren Brooks, General Manager at Notcutts Woodbridge, added: “We are delighted to be able to start Phase two of the redevelopment in June and are excited about the next stage of improvements and modernisation. The new canopies and new entrance will really help to create an amazing experience for our customers and will add to the new restaurant, show garden and restored nature walk which can already be enjoyed”.

The restaurant, which was unveiled in March 2020, offers a modern dining space and an outdoor terrace for eating alfresco with views across the garden centre. The restaurant is planned to re-open on the 17th May in line with the government’s roadmap.

The Notcutts Nature Walk was opened in July 2019 - a historic woodland path which was restored as a new nature walk for the local community. The circular half-kilometre trail has been peppered with bird boxes, bat boxes and insect houses to attract a range of different species to the woodland. Visitors can also see an original Victorian apple store previously used by Notcutts to store fruit in winter.

The phase two work will start in June and is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

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