More losers than winners in 2008 for garden companies

Each month Gardenforum’s Company Results pages are updated with the latest accounts filed at Companies House. Here is a summary of the results added recently.

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Ball Colegrave lifted turnover 24% to £25.8m. Profits increased to £1.4m for y/e Sep 08.
Profits at Roundstone Nurseries withered 26% at £936k. Borrowings reduced sharply for 2008.
A fall in sales at Allensmore Nurseries to £6.5m, led to a loss of £212k for y/e Sep 08.
Barcham Trees increased turnover to £5.2m, however profits fell to £191k for y/e Apr 09.
Ornamental Plants showed a profit of £296k for the 9 months ending Dec 2008.
Burston Nurseries fell into the red with a loss of £105k on sales, down 20% to £2.1m for 2008.
Turnover at Hillier Nurseries grew to £26.4m with profits static at £1.2m for y/e Aug 08.
Profits grew for the third year at O A Taylor & Sons Bulbs to £1.2m for y/e Nov 08.

Suppliers / Manufacturers
Sales increased by 6% at Gardman to £67.6m for y/e Jan 2009, but profits at £9m were almost the same as the previous year. Borrowings increased by almost £3m.
Turnover fell £7.6m at Hozelock for the year to Sept 08 to £42.1m. There was a loss of £3.35m after a profit in the previous year. Hozelock Group showed a profit of £122k.
Plum Products fell to a loss of £220k during 2008.
Thermometer makers S Brannan & Sons increased turnover to £3.1m and profits to £56k in the year to Mar 2009.
Syngenta Seeds recorded sales of £28.4m, up 13% and profits of £665k for the year to Dec 2008.
Trans-Continental Group, the importer of Snowtime and Suntime products that also has a garden centre, showed a profit of £353k on sales of £19m.
Profits at Doff Portland fell back to £172k for y/e Nov 08 (£365k Nov 07).
Floramedia UK published sales of £6.6m for 2008; there was a loss of £160k.
Turnover fell 10% at Solus Garden and Leisure for y/e Sep 08 to £80.3m. Profits fell 65% to £801k. Borrowings continued to fall.
Turnover at The Scotts Company UK grew 6% to £93.8m, but losses increased by £10m to £14.3m for y/e Sep 08. Borrowings also increased sharply to £44m.
Profits at Vogle-Gapes, which trades as Town & Country, fell back to £224k for y/e Sep 08.
Losses increased to £479k at Bulrush Horticulture on sales of £11.6m for y/e Sep 08.
Sales fell back slightly to £57.9m at Draper Tools, but profits increased to £13.5m for y/e Aug 08.
Einhell increased sales 46% to £5.2m, with a profit of £28k for 2008.
Fiskars Brands revealed a loss of £310k on sales of £11.9m for 2008
Sales at Grange Fencing fell back to £31.7m. Profits fell sharply to £205m for y/e Sep 08.
Profits at Westland Horticulture fell to £335k on sales marginally higher at £50.2m for y/e Aug 08.

Garden Centres / Retailers
Countrywide Farmers increased sales 14% to £215m with profits edging higher at £1.5m for y/e May 09.
Dobbies published sales of £122m for the 16 months to Feb 09 as they align accounts with new owner Tesco. Profits fell to £658k. Borrowings have also fallen sharply.
New Forest Farm Machinery made a reduced profit of £116k on sales of £6m for y/e Nov 08.
Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens declared a profit of £107k on sales of £729k for y/e Nov 08.
Sales fell for the 3rd year at Tong Garden Centre and losses increased. In the year to Jan 2009 there was a loss of £919k on sales of £4m.
Losses continued in 2008 at the Garden & Leisure Group with £1.9m loss on sales of £40.2m, 4% down on 2007.
Sales at Wilkinson Hardware Stores increased to £1.45 billion, while profits reduced sharply to £29.5m for y/e Jan 09.
Bents Garden Centre increased turnover to £11.6m with profits sharply higher at £587k for y/e Jan 09.
Blue Diamond UK say turnover increased by 32%. However, there was a loss of £350k for 2008. The parent company is based in the Channel Islands.
Losses increased sharply at Country Homes and Gardens to £1.9m in 2008, on sales of £17m, a marginal increase on 2007. Borrowings increased to £17.6m.
Matlock Garden, Waterlife & Pet Centre changed its year end to Dec 08. Profit for 9 months was £351k.
Stapeley Water Gardens increased profits to £375k in 2008.
Turnover fell at Wheatfields Park for the third year to £3.9m. Losses were smaller at £748k for y/e Jun 08.
Turnover almost doubled at Shoots Garden Centres to £5.8m. However, there were losses of £268k for y/e Aug 08.
Webbs Garden Centres held sales at £12.3m. Profits recovered to £273k in 2008.

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