More gainers and losers in the latest Company Results

Each month Gardenforum’s Company Results pages are updated with the latest accounts filed at Companies House. Here is a summary of the results updated on Gardenforum within the last months. To see the full figures visit Company Results in Tradeforum. These include sales, profit before tax, fixed assets, interest paid, total borrowings and shareholders funds for the last 3 years. These show the trends for your competitors and the companies you trade with. You can get further detail with a full company report from Jordans for only £15.

  • Avoncrop fell to a loss of £1.4m, however, borrowings fell to below £1m. Y/e Oct 07
  • David Austin Roses almost doubled profits to £673k for y/e Jul 08, borrowings fell sharply
  • Sales and profits edged higher at Peter H Smith at £9.3m and £395k respectively for y/e Sep 08
  • Wyevale Nurseries saw turnover increase 5% to £7.3m, profits fell to £65k for y/e Jul 08.
Suppliers / Manufacturers
  • Dagless posted a loss of £454k for y/e Dec 07, borrowings increased sharply to £4.4m
  • Profits at Faversham Furniture fell to £18k for y/e Dec 07
  • Sales at Fiskars Brands UK grew to £12.3m but losses also increased to £367k for y/e Dec 07
  • Gisela Graham increased sales 5% to £10.6m, profits edged higher to £319k. Y/e 06/08
  • Losses continued at Henri Studio (Europe) at £839k for y/e Nov 2007.
  • Strong profit growth continued at Mr Fothergill’s Seeds, £993k for y/e Jun 08
  • Premier plc reported sales of £29.2m (-2%) with profits sharply higher at £607k for y/e Jun 08. Results for Premier Decorations are also updated.
  • Profits fell to £179k at Richard Sankey & Son on sales static at £18.9m for y/e Dec 07
  • Turnover grew 4% to £13.9m at Rowlinson Garden Products but losses increased to £526k. Parent company, Rowlinson Group, also declared a loss of £205k on sales of £63.7m. Borrowings increased to £15m. Y/e Apr 08
  • Ryobi Technologies (UK) increased sales to £36m and returned a profit of £36k after 2 years of losses for y/e Dec 07. Borrowings tripled to £24m
  • Swan Hattersley plunged to a loss of £597k for y/e Jul 08, having made a profit of £941k in the previous year
  • Turnover remained at £461k for The Recycle Works. There was a profit of £12k for y/e Sep 08
  • Profits at Tom Chambers at £280k have grown for the third year for y/e Jul 08
  • Vatre Terracotta (trading as Apta) declared a much reduced profit of £79k and increased borrowings for y/e Dec 07
  • West Meters published a profit of £76k on sales of £2.1m for y/e Mar 08
  • William Sinclair Holdings showed a reduced profit of £521k on sales of £55.8m for the 15 months to Sep 08
  • Winchester Growers reduced losses to £876k on sales of £43.3m. Borrowings increased to £10.2m. Y/e Dec 07.
Now that Wyevale has renegotiated its loans with HBOS, results for the various companies in the ‘Wyevale Family’ are being filed for 2007. Here’s a summary without any attempt to explain them. They do not reflect the restructuring.
  • West Coast Capital (Hortis) Group – Sales £202m, loss £272.8m, borrowings £481m
  • West Coast Capital (Hortis) – Loss £84.1m, borrowings £414.4m
  • West Coast Capital (Floris) – Loss £22.2m, borrowings £33.6m
  • West Coast Capital (Lios)
  • Wyevale (Leisure Centres) – Sales £185m, profit £18.3m, borrowings £141.7m
  • Wyevale Garden Centres – Loss £3.2m, borrowings £242.6m
  • Sales grew to £26.3m at Blooms of Bressingham with losses increasing to £1.6m – 11 months to 12/07. Blooms was bought by Wyevale in March 07
  • Old Barn Nurseries, also part of the Wyevale estate since Oct 07, saw turnover of £4.4m and a loss of £160k for 11 months to Dec 07
  • Sanders Garden World, acquired by Wyevale in Sep 07, showed profits sharply higher at £823k on sales of £7.1m. 11 months to Dec 07
Other Garden Centres / Retailers
  • Sales edged ahead at Brampton Garden Centre, part of the Frosts Group, to £3.4m. Losses remained at £74k for y/e Jul 08
  • Frosts Garden Centre sales increased 1% to £6.5m, but there was a small loss of £20k. Y/e Jul 08
  • Millets Farm Garden Centre, another in the Frosts Group, declared a profit of £114k on sales of £4.5m. Y/e Jul 08
  • Profits surged to £806k at Matlock Garden, Waterlife & Pet Centre for y/e Mar 08
  • Redfields Garden Nursery showed a loss of £59k, borrowings almost doubled to £2.4m. Y/e Apr 08
  • Stax Trade Centres increased profits to £3m on sales of £80.6m for y/e Aug 08
  • There was a 36% increase in sales at Frosts Landscape Construction with profits increasing to £233k. Y/e Jul 08
  • Whiting Landscape increase sales to £11m, profits fell back to £198k. Y/e Jun 08
Other companies updated on Gardenforum’s Company Results recently include
Aylett Nurseries
B&W Garden Centres
Bernhard & Co
Claire Austin Hardy Plants
Chew Valley Trees
Cotswold Seeds
Duncan & Davies (UK)
Fresh Acres Nurseries
Haddenham Garden Centre
Harts Garden Supplies
Jeffrey Bernhard & Sons
Mailbox Mouldings
P.J. Bridgman & Co
Peter Beales Roses
Pound Hill Garden and Nursery
Rigby Taylor
Scratby Garden Centre
Smithers-Oasis U.K.
Woodlawn Garden Centre
Wyevale Container Plants
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