Latest financial results from UK garden companies

Each month Gardenforum’s Company Results pages are updated with the latest accounts filed at Companies House. Here is a summary of the results updated on Gardenforum within the last month. To see the full figures visit the Company Results in Tradeforum. These include sales, profit before tax, fixed assets, interest paid, total borrowings and shareholders funds for the last 3 years. This shows the trends at your competitors or the companies you trade with. You can get further detail online with a full company report from Jordans.

Turnover grew 1% at Coblands Nurseries to £3.7m. There was a loss of £82k for 2007. Borrowings increased to £2.8m
J A Jones & Sons maintained sales at £4.1m, with a loss of £29k for y/e Sep 07
Ornamental Plants declared a profit of £489k for the year to Mar 08. There was an increase of borrowings to £930k for y/e Mar 08
Roundstone Nurseries profits recovered to £1.27m in 2007. Borrowings fell to £4.8m.

Suppliers / Manufacturers
Losses at Habasco International were slightly lower at £347k for y/e Dec 07
Losses increased to £300k at Kettler (GB) for y/e Dec 07
Profits at Smithers-Oasis UK. Fell slightly to £2.6m for y/e Mar 07
Westland Horticulture returned to profit £1.6m on sales up 13% to £49.6m for y/e Aug 07
Sales at Willowstone Garden Products increased to £1.6m with losses of £464k for year to Oct 07. Willowstone is a subsidiary of the Bird Group of Companies.

Garden Centres / Retailers
Countrywide Farmers increased sales 20% to £190m. Profits fell sharply to £1.4m for y/e May 08
D.Stewart & Son increased sales to £9.3m while profits fell to £79k for y/e Jan 08. Borrowings have increased to £2.6m
Focus (DIY) published a loss of £20.8m on sales of £374m for the 10 months to Feb 08
Sales fell 26% at Kybotech to £18.2m profits fell to £230k for y/e Dec 07
Sales at Tong Garden Centre fell back to £4.6m. losses continued at £225k for year to Jan 08. Borrowings increased to £2m

The Horticultural Trades Association maintained revenues at £27.4m in 2007.

Other companies updated on Gardenforum’s Company Results this month include
Aylett Nurseries
De Ree UK
E H Williams Garden Centres and Nurseries
Iver Flowerland
Monkton Elm Garden Centre
Moores Nurseries and Garden Centre
Morley Nurseries
Orchard Garden Centre
Raemoir Garden Centre
S Pugh & Son (Garden Centre)
Shackletons Garden Centre
Tamar Nurseries
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