Latest company results show impact of first lockdown

Here are some of the company results published on Gardenforum’s Company Results in the last 2 months.  The date in brackets refers to the year end date.  Pbt refers to profit before tax, but after interest and other charges.  Figures written as £123k mean £123,000.  We make no attempt to explain the results.  Further details can be seen on Company Results.

Garden Centres

D Stewart & Sons (January 2020) edged sales higher to £14.2m with profit before tax (pbt) falling to £141k from £422 the year before.

As reported earlier Dobbies Garden Centres Group (Feb 2020).  increased sales from £166m to £252m a +52% due to the impact of the garden centres bought from Wyevale for part of the year.  Profits plunged to a loss of £-34m. Borrowings almost doubled from £299m to £593m.  See earlier report.

Crocus (October 2020) increased sales by +18% to £23.1m over the period that included the first lockdown.  And returned a positive pbt for the first time for a while at £877k

Goulds (Dorchester) (January 2020) held sales steady at £12.7m and recovered to breakeven from a loss of -£499k the year before.

QD Commercial Holdings (February 2020) that operates QD Stores and Cherry Lane Garden Centres improved sales by +9% to £86.1m.  Pbt was static at £1.6m.

R.H.S. Enterprises (January 2020) recovered sales to £21.5m after a slight dip the previous year.  Pbt was lower by -£1m at £5m.

Losses continue with a pbt of -£1.2m at Rosebourne (Jan 2020) despite a +58% increase in sales to £11.4.  This included the first year of trading for Aldermaston.

TGC (2015), which trades as Tong Garden Centre, (June 2020) increased sales by +4% over the period covering the first lockdown to £9.5m.  Pbt dropped back to £464k, and borrowings increased by +30% to £5.6m.

Newbank Garden Centre (February 2020) with 5 sites in the North of England revealed sales of £10.6m and a pbt of £928k. 


A&E Leisure (Dec 2019) increased sales +23% in a 13 month year to £10.6m. Pbt increased to £522k.

Sales fell -4% Alitex (March 2020) to £9.1m. Pbt fell to £522k.

Armitages Pet Products (May 2020) lifted sales by +13% to £66.2m lifting pbt to £8.0m.

Andreas Stihl (December 2019) has lifted sales marginally to £107m although pbt reduced slightly to £6.1m.

Book supplier Baker & Taylor (UK) (March 2020) experienced an -8% fall in sales to £24.6m. Pbt fell sharply to £268k.

There was a sharp increase in sales over the first lockdown for Branded Garden Products, the owner of Thompson & Morgan (Aug 2020).  Sakes jumped +46% to £50m, while pbt leapt to £8.5m.

Charcoal supplier Big K Products (UK) (Sept 2020) added +6% to sales at £22.2m despite the first lockdown. Pbt of £1.0m was a recovery from last year.

Prior to lockdown Decco sales (December 2019) edged higher to £98.1m, while pbt increased by +14% to £3.2m.

Henry Bell & Co (Grantham) (June 2020) saw a -4% reduction of sales covering the first lockdown period to £26.2m.  Pbt held steady at £349k.

Sales at Home Hardware Southwest (June 2020) fell -6% over the first lockdown to £27.4m.  PBT was negligible.

Hozelock (September 2020) lifted sales +7% in the year covering the first lockdown, to £69.6m.  Pbt was sharply higher at £14.4m.

Lows of Dundee (September 2020) saw a -6% drop in sales to £11.6m over the first lockdown, but a rise in pbt to £254k.

Newey (formerly Roundstone Nurseries) (December 2019) sales jumped +42% to £29.5m, but fell to a pbt loss of £-481k.

The Greener Gardening Company (Kirkby) (March 2020), formerly White Moss Horticulture, increased sales by +35% to £11.5m.  Losses continued at a lower level at £-1.5m.  Total borrowings increased from £25m to £37m as the trade of Bord na Mona was transferred at the end of the financial year.

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