Kärcher launches battery-powered professional garden range

Market leading pressure sprayer manufacturer, Kärcher, is extending its range to include professional landscape management tools, designed to meet the needs of heavy users.

The new range features a chainsaw, brush cutter, hedge trimmer, line trimmer, multi-tool, leaf blower and leaf blower backpack, and brings Kärcher’s quality, expertise and innovation to the world of professional landscape management.

The company states, “This new addition to Kärcher’s professional range combines the power and functionality that landscape professionals require, with the reliability that Kärcher is known for after 80 years at the forefront of cleaning and outdoor maintenance technology.

"Plus, the full range unites professional grade equipment with the flexibility of battery power to provide the performance needed to tackle the everyday challenges faced by the professionals with low noise and zero emissions.”

The range uses an interchangeable 36v battery.  There are 2 battery options, the 6.0 Ah and the 7.5 Ah Kärcher Battery Universe batteries.

The Kärcher professional landscape management range will be available to purchase through the Kärcher dealer network.

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