Key garden companies defy the recession

Each month Gardenforum’s Company Results pages are updated with the latest accounts filed at Companies House. Here is a summary of the results updated on Gardenforum within the last months. To see the full figures visit the Company Results in Tradeforum. These include sales, profit before tax, fixed assets, interest paid, total borrowings and shareholders funds for the last 3 years. They also show the trends for your competitors and the companies you trade with. You can get further detail with a full company report from Jordans for only £15.

Sales at Ball Colegrave increased 11% to £28.7m, profits slipped slightly to £1.2m. Turnover at parent Ball Horticulture Europe increased 12% to £30.6m, profits halved to £1.7m. Year/ending Sep 09
Boningale reported sales of £4.1m and profits of £244k for y/e Jul 09
Burston Nurseries increased turnover to £2.4m returning to profit of £79k for y/e Dec 09
Double H (Nurseries) declared a profit of £909k on sales of £17.1m for y/e 12/09
Farplants Sales published turnover of £16.8m with profits of £46k for y/e Aug 09
Cut flower importer Flower World declared sales of £33.3m and profits of £591k for y/e Jul 09
J.A Jones & Sons revealed sales 20% lower at £3.5m and made a loss of £65k for y/e Sep 09
Turnover fell 6% at J and E Page to £10m, losses increased to £690k for y/e Aug 09
Keith Butters returned to profit with £238k on sales of £36.8m for y/e Sep 09
R Delamore increased turnover 4% to £8.0m making a profit of £1.2m for y/e Nov 09
W Crowder & Sons published sales of £3.8m and a profit of £23k
Whartons Holdings showed a loss of £22k on sales of £3.4m for y/e Aug 09
Turnover at Winchester Growers recovered to £38.5m. There was a return to profit with £447k. Y/e Dec 09

Suppliers / Manufacturers
Andreas Stihl increased turnover by 2% to £58.7m. Profits recovered sharply at £4.9m. Y/e Dec 09
Turnover fell 24% at Countax to £19m making a loss of £1.7m in y/e Jul 09
Draper witnessed a 10% fall in sales to £51.9m. Profits halved to £6m for y/e Aug 09
Sales also fell at Einhell UK, by 4% to £5m. Profits increased slightly to £41k for y/e Dec 09
Sales fell 22% at Floramedia to £5.2m, but there was a return to profit of £100k for y/e Dec 09
GJ Handy & Co published sales of £20.9m and profits of £981k for the 14 months to Nov 09
Sales at Solus Garden and Leisure recovered to £88.4m with profits of £1.3m for y/e Sep 09
Sales at Synchemicals fell to £22.5m but profits recovered to £1.4m for y/e Aug 09. This follows the closure of Spread Garden Supplies in 2008
Tetra (UK) saw sales fall 6% to £10.9m. Profits fell sharply to £302k for y/e Sep 09
Tylers, who distribute garden machinery, reported sales 11% lower at £8.4m. Profits fell to £140k for y/e Sep 09
Vitax (owned by Synchemicals) increased sales by 4% to £7.8m with profits of £261k for y/e Aug 09
Sales at Westland Horticulture jumped by 18% to £59.1m. Profits improved strongly to £2.2m for y/e Aug 09

Garden Centres / Retailers
Sales fell back 16% at Fence Stores to £5.4m, profits reduced to £283k for y/e Oct 09
Profits were static at Gordon Rigg (Nurseries) at £642k on sales of £9.8m for y/e Jul 09
Hollybush Nurseries pushed turnover up to £6.9m with profits of £427k for y/e Oct 09
Planters Garden Centre had sales of £7.3m earning a profit of £689k for y/e Dec 09
Profits jumped to £252k at St John’s Nurseries (North Devon) on sales of £3.3m for y/e Sep 09
Profits at The Millbrook Garden Company recovered strongly to £476k on sales of £6.0m for y/e Jan 10
Sales at Toddington Nurseries fell slightly to £3.2m and profits fell to £60k for y/e Sep 09
Van Hage & Company Holdings edged sales up to £13.7m. Profits were £516k for y/e Jul 09
Webbs Garden Centres increased sales by 16% to £14.2m. Profits almost doubled to £528k for y/e Dec 09

Profits jumped 61% at The Agricultural Mortgage Corporation to £31.5m for y/e Dec 09

N.B. Profits in all cases refers to PBT – Profit before Tax.

Other companies recently updated on Gardenforum’s Company Results include

A L Tozer
Alexander Mackie Associates
Bell Plantation (Garden Centre)
Bishops Holdings
Black Country Metal Works
Bourne Valley Garden Centre
Burston Rose and Garden Centre
Bybrook Barn Garden Centre
Codsall & Wergs Garden Centre
Everton Nurseries
Fonthill Nurseries & Scott’s
Four Oaks Horticulture
Four Oaks Nurseries
Glencrest Seatex
Grosfillex (UK)
Jack Moody Holdings PLC
Joseph Rochford Gardens
Kindergarden Plants
Konstsmide UK
Malcolm Scott Consultants
Maxicrop (UK)
Milton Park (Dorset)
Newington Nurseries
Outback (UK)
Peter Beales Roses
Petersham Nurseries
Phoebe’s Garden Centre
Pleydell Smithyman
Plymouth Garden Centre
Poplar Nurseries
R Harkness & Co
Rogers Concrete
Roxton Garden Centre
Shackletons Garden Centre
Spotless UK
Spread Garden Supplies
Stapeley Water Gardens
The Camden Garden Centre
The Garden Store
The Riverside Garden Centre
The Thetford Garden Centre
Waterperry Gardens
West Coast Capital (Lios)
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