Hortipak Coronavirus Statement

Company: Hortipak

Given the facts that the COVID-19 virus is categorised as a pandemic, that cases in the UK are rising and set to rise further over the coming weeks, that there is no cure and that the virus is not well understood at present, Hortipak have put the following precautionary measures in place:

  • We are following government advice and are educating our teams on progress. As well as how to prevent infection and reduce risks, we are encouraging vigilance, regular hand washing and cleaning;
  • Non-essential meetings are being restricted, use of technology is being promoted where possible e.g. phones, skype, transition to our new online portal;
  • As of week 13, all office staff will be enabled with remote working capabilities (sales, creative, artwork, finance, management);
  • We’ve split Production into 2 separate production teams which will not come into contact with each other for the foreseeable future, to reduce risk and maintain supply;
  • Our supply chain and markets (UK & international) are being closely monitored for any potential disruption. We have called in additional materials and as a UK-based manufacturer we expect our national transport infrastructure to remain functional;
  • We have updated our sickness policy so that our people will be better supported if they are affected by the pandemic.

We currently have no cases and by taking sensible precautions and following the issue closely we will play our part in minimising the spread and impact to our customers and our people.

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