Hambrook Landscapes falls victim to identity abuse

A forty year veteran of the landscape industry is warning that some of his 85-strong workforce face losing their jobs after his company was targeted by bogus traders who, he claims, have been using his company name to win work on the doorstep of unsuspecting consumers.

Former APL chairman, Norman Hambrook of Hambrook Landscapes told me that traders from the Hambrook area have been impersonating his company and he is worried that damage will be done to his business.

Hambrook told the Southern Daily Echo: "I fear that these rogue traders will tarnish our good name and it’s frightening to think how badly it can damage our business. Residents need to know we do not cold call.

“It takes a long time to build up a reputation but unfortunately it doesn’t take long to ruin it. I worry because I employ 85 people and if these traders continue to steal our custom I could be forced to make cuts."

Anyone with information about those alleged to have been trading off of the Hambrook name are asked to contact Hampshire County Council’s Quick Response Team on 01962 833666 or doorstep.crime@hants.gov.uk.
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