Further losses for garden suppliers

Each month Gardenforum’s Company Results pages are updated with the latest accounts filed at Companies House. Here is a summary of the results updated recently. To see the full figures visit the Company Results in Tradeforum. The report includes sales, profit before tax, fixed assets, interest paid, total borrowings and shareholders funds for the last 3 years.

Suppliers / Manufacturers
Sales fell 21% at Black & Decker to £78.9m. Losses almost doubled to £18.6m for year ending (y/e) Dec 09.
Sales increased by 5% at Castacrete to £11.2m. Profits were sharply higher at £741k for y/e Dec 09.
Decco increased sales by 15% to £88m. Profits almost doubled to £3.8m for y/e Dec 09.
Sales fell sharply for the second year at Deroma, falling 38% to £4.7m. Losses reduced to £1.2m for y/e Dec 09.
Sales edged higher to £12.1m at Desch Plantpak. Losses reduced to £870k for y/e Dec 09.
Fiskars Brands UK held sales at £11.8m. Losses increased to £414k for y/e Dec 09.
Sales fell back to £43m at Forest Garden Group. Losses reduced to £1.2m for y/e Dec 09. Forest Garden published a profit of £451k.
Sales increased by 7% at Gardman, with profits inline with last year at £9m for y/e Jan 10.
H & E Knowles (Lye) increased sales to £9.2m overturning last year’s loss with a profit of £263k. Y/e Jan 10.
Sales dropped 11% at Haemmerlin, but profits increased sharply to £350k and borrowings fell sharply. For y/e Dec 09.
Kybotech also experienced a fall in sales to £15.2m. But profits jumped to £1.3m.
Sales remained static for Li-Lo Leisure Products at £27.3m and it broke even with a profit of £5k for y/e Dec 09.
Richard Sankey & Son increased sales 4% to £19m returning a profit of £189k for y/e Dec 09.
Losses continued at Rowlinson Garden Products. Turnover fell 25% to £7.9m. Losses were £580k for y/e Apr 10. Sales at Rowlinson Group fell 7% to £40.7m with a loss of £512k.
Sales at Smart Solar fell for the 2nd year, down 12% to £8.3m. However profits jumped 50% to £373k for y/e Dec 09.
Turnover at Vatre Terracotta (trading as Apta) fell 22% to £6m. Profits were static at £68k and borrowings continued to fall, for y/e Dec 09.
Turnover fell to £1.3m at Willowstone Garden Products. Losses reduced to £300k for y/e Oct 09.

Garden Centres / Retailers
BE Enterprises reported sales of £4.8m and a profit before tax of £203k for year ending Dec 09
By-Pass Nurseries edged back into profit, making £27k on sales of £4.1m for y/e Dec 09.
Sales increased 9% at Capital Gardens with profits falling back to £154k for y/e Dec 09. Borrowings continued their fall £2.9m.
Castle Gardens Sherborne increased turnover to £2.8m. Profits slipped back to £218k. Y/e Dec 09.
Chaplins (Plymouth) increased sales by 5% to £6.9m. There was a small return to profit with £95k. Y/e Jan 10.
Sales grew 11% at Coolings Nurseries, profits slipped back to £424k for y/e Jan 10.
D Stewart & Son grew sales to £9.1m for y/e Jan 10.
Danning and Symons that operate Trelawney Garden Centre increased profits sharply to £363k on sales of £6.2m for y/e Jan 10.
Golden Acres revealed sales and profits for the first time at £7.1m and £324k respectively for y/e Dec 09.
Turnover fell 14% at Leekes, but profits more than doubled to £1.8m for y/e Mar 10.
Pennell’s Holdings published sales of £5.6m and a loss of £457k for the 13 months to Jan 2010. Shareholder funds increased by almost £7m.
Sales increases 6% at Thompson Bros. (Esher) to £12.4m, yielding profits of £837k for y/e Mar 10.
Thompsons Plant and Garden Centres grew sales to £4.6m with profits sharply higher at £345k for y/e Dec 09.

Sales were static at Barcham Trees at £5.3m. Profits recovered to £283k for y/e Apr 10.
Chessum Plants published a profit of £149k on sales of £11.6m for y/e Dec 09.
Sales fell for the 3rd year at Europlants to £5.8m, but profits recovered to £152k for y/e Jan 10.
Ornamental Plants published detail figures for the first time with sales of £6.7m and profits of £558k for y/e Dec 09.
Syngenta Seeds continued to expand with sales up 11% to £31.7m. Profits jumped to £3.6m for y/e Dec 09.
Sales at Thompsons Nursery jumped to £4.9m with profits of £280k for y/e Dec 09.

Turnover fell 17% at Capital Garden Landscapes to £924k. Profits increased to £48k for y/e Dec 09.
Turnover at the Horticultural Trades Association recovered to £27.3m.

N.B. Profits in all cases refers to PBT – Profit before Tax.

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