Dobbies will be peat-free in six months

Dobbies has announced that it will be peat-free in six months, in relation to bagged compost, bringing forward the original target of 2022.

The team has worked hard with suppliers to meet the challenge and accelerate the previous ambitious target, acknowledging the importance of the peat issue.

Dobbies own brand peat-free compost was one of the top sellers in early spring and this month the retailer launched an own-brand peat-free compost with added John Innes, as well as announcing the in-store availability of sustainable products including Bloomin Amazing and Carbon Gold. Further own-brand, peat-free composts will be launched in the summer.

Becoming peat-free is a key component of #sustainabledobbies, in which the team is engaging with suppliers, customers and team members on the importance of this issue. The retailer has also worked with nursery suppliers to produce a roadmap for an annual reduction in peat use for growing plants.

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