Carbon Gold wins Best Eco-Friendly Product Award

Company: Carbon Gold

Carbon Gold, the leading supplier of biochar products to professional growers, tree care specialists and gardeners around the world, has been announced as the winner of the Eco-Friendly Products Award in the 2021 Great British Growing Awards.

The award-winning range, which includes environmentally friendly compost, seed compost, fertiliser, soil improver, tree soil improver and lawn improver, is made using biochar, a high-carbon form of charcoal that is proven to boost plant health and vitality when used in soil.

As well as benefiting plant development, Carbon Gold’s biochar-based products also have a direct impact on the user’s carbon footprint. For every kilo of biochar put in the ground, three kilos of harmful CO2 are permanently sequestered from the atmosphere, helping professional and home growers to directly counter the effects of climate change.

The Great British Growing Award winners were announced during an official award ceremony at Glee, the UK’s leading garden and outdoor living show. The prestigious awards were presented by presenter and author, Ellen Mary, and recognise the very best of the gardening industry, from sustainability stars, through to seed suppliers and gardening writers.

Mike Hartshorn, Managing Director of Carbon Gold, comments: “We are delighted to have been selected as the winner of the best Eco-Friendly Products Award. The Great British Growing Awards are renowned within the industry as the ultimate symbol of quality within the gardening sector, so to be recognised as part of the awards as a leader in eco-friendly gardening is fantastic.

“At Carbon Gold, we understand the impact that that gardeners and horticulture professionals can have on the environment and are passionate about ensuring that it is a positive one. If every gardener in the UK ditched the peat-based products and converted to biochar, we’d be making significant steps toward offsetting our carbon emissions. Our mission is to help more and more people to discover the benefits of sustainable gardening, and this award marks an incredibly positive step in this process.”

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