British Garden Centres: From nursery to garden

British Garden Centres highlights its dedication to offering locally grown plants as they gear up for the spring season.

Its three nurseries, Fretherne Nursery, Woodthorpe, and Temple Nursery, cultivate a wide variety of seasonal plants that are bursting with colour and ready to add instant impact to any outdoor space.    

The groups’ 62 garden centres sold 8 million plants in 2023, including 600,000 houseplants, reflecting the enduring popularity of plants.

The top-selling houseplant, the Phalaenopsis 2-spike orchid, reached 50,000 units sold.

Looking ahead to 2024, Temple Nursery plans to grow 255,482 plants, solidifying British Garden Centres' focus on growth and productivity.

Julian Palphramand, Head of Plants, emphasizes, “We are dedicated to providing our customers with exceptional plants and garden products that reflect our passion for horticulture and our love for nature.”

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