Artevasi SA opens new stand-alone business in the UK

Company: Artevasi UK Ltd

Artevasi SA has seen significant gains in the UK, across all channels over recent years, and to support this, Artevasi has cemented its commitment to partnerships and positioned itself to play a greater role in driving growth for the UK market. 

Customers will be able to unlock even greater potential in the categories that Artevasi offers, from plastic pots, to handmade and machine-made ceramics, metal accessories, plus a new category coming to the UK by 2022. Since Artevasi values long-term relationships with its customers and aims to provide customized service, doing everything in its power to fulfill the client's need, the formation of Artevasi UK Ltd will enhance the customer experience in its entirety, becoming the best partner for your business.

“Artevasi has more than doubled its revenue in the last 3 years, thanks to an incredible team delivering an incredible product.”, said Rodolfo Resende, CEO of Artevasi. “The formation of Artevasi UK was the next logical step, following significant results and also following the strategy based on how the UK trades with European markets.”

“Artevasi UK is a clear signal to the UK that we have never been more committed to providing complete solutions, across multiple categories, that no other supplier can match,” said James Brindle, Director of Artevasi UK. “Artevasi UK can supply market-leading in-house designs, in different finishes and various categories from our own manufacturing and distribution centre. Today marks the start of an exciting new chapter for Artevasi and Artevasi UK.”

About Artevasi
Artevasi is a Portuguese family-owned manufacturing and distribution business. Having inherited more than 160 years of experience in pottery manufacturing, Artevasi is a global player, producing around 50.000 pots a day and shipping them to more than 50 countries all over the world. A forward-thinking business, looking to be a sustainable company in three different areas: environmental, social and business: “We aim to take care of our plants, our people and our planet.”.

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