Willowbrook Garden Centre gains planning permission in Green Belt 

Company: Malcolm Scott Consultants

Willowbrook garden centre in Bromsgrove has had a planning application for a proposed development for the erection of a canopy with a retractable roof and the retention of an ancillary cafe terrace seating area approved by the Bromsgrove District County Council.

Andrew Burton, of Malcolm Scott Consultants, who secured the permissions, said: “The proposed catering development at Willowbrook has been put forward in response to the changing nature of catering that has occurred over the past couple of years.   

“In a world where more and more buying trends are changing in a garden centre’s catering and retail facility, improving the customer’s shopping experience is an essential way of attracting them to the site.  If customers are discouraged from visiting during inclement weather, it will have an adverse impact upon a garden centre’s trade, and these approved developments allow Willowbrook to provide an improved facility to their customers.”

Simon Reynolds, owner of Willowbrook Garden Centre, added: “This extension enables our customers to enjoy visiting us all year around, so when it is raining they can stay dry and when the sun is shining they can enjoy it.  This development is all about our fantastic customers base, and this gives them what they need.”

Andrew added: “We have acted for many of the large garden centre developments within the Green Belt over the last 30 years, in some cases brand new garden centres.  Any successful permission involves a very careful assessment of the advantages such a development could bring to the Local Authority, and amongst other things, assessments for how it can support the local community and business. 

“This permission shows that gaining planning permission in the Green Belt is possible, and garden centres and farm shops should investigate their potential without the fear of the Green Belt holding them back.”  

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