Waterside Garden Centre flooding – Update

Following Storm Henk, Waterside Garden Centre near Baston, Cambridgeshire was flooded under 5ft of water. (www.gardenforum.co.uk/news/company/flooded-garden-centre-wont-reopen-until-march). Reports on their Facebook page show the progress being made to re-open the business in time for the spring season.

Over the last two weeks, the garden centre has been completely gutted and stripped back all the fixtures and fittings, described a “a heartbreaking process” . In the last few days, over 60 dehumidifiers have been installed to start the drying process. 

Drying the building out is a huge task - 3 more huge dehumidifiers have been brought in from Sweden to dry the building quicker. Once that is completed work will start on rebuilding the walls, and flooring , then starting to make the building look more like a garden centre again.

There has been a lot of local support and offers of help. Quoting the Facebook page “Although we are incredibly grateful for all the offers of extra hands that we've had since the flooding, unfortunately for health & safety purposes we can't accept the generous offers but we have really appreciated just how many people offered to help us.”

It goes on: “Our team are all working incredibly hard to achieve our goal of re-opening April - there is still a lot of work to do, but our fingers are crossed.”

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