Unwins and British Garden Centres collaborate to raise funds for Greenfingers Charity

Company: Westland Horticulture

Unwins seeds, part of Westland Horticulture, a leading name in the gardening industry, and British Garden Centres, is delighted to announce the successful fundraising of £1,800 for the Greenfingers Charity.

The contribution was made possible through the dedicated efforts and collaboration between Unwins seeds and British Garden Centres group, where proceeds from the sale of Unwins’ Butterfly Blue® sweet pea seeds were donated to support Greenfingers. The exclusive variety of sweet pea was available to consumers solely at British Garden Centres’ 62 retail stores.

The Greenfingers Charity is renowned for creating magical and inspiring gardens for children in hospices across the UK, providing a much-needed sanctuary for young patients and their families. The funds raised will aid in the development and maintenance of these vital green spaces, offering comfort, solace, and joy to those who need it most.

The initiative to donate proceeds from the Unwins Seeds Butterfly Blue® sweet pea sales was launched earlier this year and quickly garnered enthusiastic support from gardeners and plant lovers nationwide. The distinctive Butterfly Blue® sweet peas, known for their striking colour and fragrance, became a symbol of hope and generosity, encouraging customers to contribute to a meaningful cause while enhancing their gardens.

Keith Nicholson, Marketing Director, at Westland Horticulture, commented: We are immensely proud to have partnered with the British Garden Centres group to raise funds for the Greenfingers Charity. The positive response to the Unwins Butterfly Blue® sweet pea seeds has been overwhelming, and it’s heartwarming to see how our gardening community has come together to support such a worthy cause."

Amy Stubbs, Development and Project Manager at British Garden Centres said: "We are delighted to have collaborated with Unwins Seeds on this fundraising initiative for Greenfingers Charity. Both our team and customers have always been passionate about supporting Greenfingers, and the enthusiastic response to the Butterfly Blue® sweet peas is a testament to that. We're proud to have provided a platform for this campaign and to play a role in bringing gardens and joy to children in hospices across the UK."

Linda Petrons, Director of Fundraising and Communications, at Greenfingers Charity, added: "We’re so grateful for the support from the teams at Westland and British Garden Centres, and to all the customers that have purchased these wonderful seeds that are sure to brighten up gardens across the country. The funds raised will have a significant impact on our ability to create and maintain beautiful, therapeutic gardens for children and their families. We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone involved in this wonderful initiative."

The success of this fundraising effort underscores the power of community and the impact that collective action can have on charitable causes. Westland Horticulture remains committed to supporting initiatives that make a difference and looks forward to continuing its partnership with the Greenfingers Charity and the British Garden Centres group in the future.

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