The Times features Blue Diamond’s Newton apple auction

Company: Blue Diamond

Blue Diamond’s upcoming auction of a limited number of Isaac Newton's Apple Trees have recently been featured in The Times newspaper, (Wednesday 19th April edition).

In collaboration with the National Trust, Blue Diamond will offer people the chance to bid for a limited number of these very special trees which are propagated from the original tree!

Isaac Newton’s Apple Tree, a variety known as the ‘Flower of Kent’, is found in the orchard of his childhood home, Woolsthorpe Manor in Lincolnshire.

It is intertwined with his discovery of gravity – a story Newton himself told. This is the tree from which an apple fell and caused Newton to ask the question: ‘Why do apples always fall straight down to the ground?’ The tree first put down roots around 400 years ago and people have travelled to visit it as Newton’s Apple Tree for at least the past 240 years.

Bringing history to life, Blue Diamond in will be offering people the chance to bid for a limited number of Isaac Newton’s Apple Trees, propagated from the original tree, in an auction later this year.

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