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Following in the footsteps of the 2019 wing walkers – GIMA’s Vicky Nuttall, SBM’s Lowri Walker and Evergreen’s Mark Portman – there is a new group of brave people set to take to the skies strapped to a plane, all in the name of the Greenfingers Charity!

This year 12 brave supporters have vowed to face their fears and climb 600ft into the air atop a 1940s Boeing Stearman biplane, previously used to train pilots during World War II. Swooping across the Cotswold countryside will be British Garden Centres’ Phillippa Stubbs, Mike Lind, Managing Director at Monkton Elm Garden Centre, Woodlodge’s Abigail Stocker, Kimberley Hornby, Managing Director of Hornby Whitefoot PR, Martin Cowell of Cowells Garden Centre, Katie Boyd alongside two colleagues from STV International, Capi Europe’s Kate Ebbens, and Heidi Towse. Lowri Walker, who first wing walked for Greenfingers in 2019, will also be making her return to undertake a new adventure – further details of which will be revealed soon!

Supporting the wingwalkers on the day will be the expert pilots from AeroSuperBatics, the team behind the Breitling Wingwalkers, a much-loved display act at UK airshows. On arrival at RFC Rendcomb Airfield, all participants will be briefed before being strapped to the top wing of the historic biplane. Wing walkers will then experience the roar of the plane’s 450hp Pratt & Whitney engine – the largest and most powerful engine operated in the UK for wing walking – with the propeller hitting speeds of up to 760mph at full throttle! Once the flight is underway, wingwalkers will only be able to communicate with their pilot via hand signals, as the plane performs daredevil flypasts, zoom climbs, steep dives and banks in front of friends and family. Greenfingers supporters are also welcome to come along on the day to encourage these courageous souls!

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The 2023 Greenfingers Wing Walk is earmarked to take place in early July, and presently eight places are available for anyone wanting to get outside of their comfort zone to raise much needed funds for the charity.

To register your interest and to grab one of the remaining places please contact Linda Petrons, Greenfingers Director of Fundraising & Communications by emailing

Further information regarding the Greenfingers Charity can be found at You can also join in the conversation by joining Greenfingers on social media -, @GreenfingersCha on Twitter, and @Greenfingerscharity on Instagram and LinkedIn. 

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