Strong August bulb sales says Taylors

Taylors Bulbs reports that sales of spring flowering bulbs have been strong in August with many garden centres reporting strong sales increases on August 2022.

Adam Taylor, director of Taylors Bulbs, said that they geared up ready for the season with their trade open day in July, and it’s noticeable that extra thought and effort has gone into spring flowering bulb displays across their customers.

The momentum has been impacted by the recent excessive heat, but the indications from August are that a well-presented bulb offer is being rewarded with strong sales. 

It’s also been noticeable how many of their customers are posting about spring flowering bulbs on their social media channels which is great to see.

Taylors launched their new point of sale banners at the open day, which provide additional consumer information in a concise format.  

They have also invested in a packaging re-design across their ranges.

Ian Clark, National Accounts/Marketing Manager said that they like to continuously update their packaging designs to keep them looking fresh.  He explained, "We have now included more symbols and broken the instructions into smaller blocks of text with “Information” – the key information needed for growing that variety, “Top Tip” which is an additional helpful hint and “Did you know” which is a fun or interesting fact about that variety."


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