Problem solving plants event at Provender Nurseries

Company: Provender Nurseries
  • Display incorporating all growers
  • Proven Winners Grower
  • Renkes Little Green Grower

Provender Nurseries invited growers to talk to over 130 customers about their particular range of plants and their Problem Solving qualities.  Growers of Taxus Renke’s Little Green, Easydendron, Proven Winners® and Claber Irrigation were on hand during the day.  Each grower was given dedicated time with groups of attendees giving an opportunity for guests to see the plants and ask questions directly to growers.  Richard McKenna covered the topic of fastigiate trees for smaller spaces.

Richard McKenna says, ‘The event was a real delight.  To see the growers and our customers interacting and talking plants was our perfect kind of day.  We enjoy hosting such informative days and feel that these events really get people to think about using plants that are out of their normal plant choices.  We are often asked for plant recommendations that fulfil a criteria or basically solve a problem, we feel our event covered some of those aspects fully.’

Feedback from the Problem Solving Plants event includes;

‘Best event that Provender have ever hosted.’

‘A brilliant day @provendernurseries hearing about problem-solving plants and spending time with colleagues and friends - thank you for the event! This beautiful Heptacodium miconioides caught my eye - always good to meet a versatile new small tree/large shrub #heptacodiummiconioides.’

At the end of the event, Provender Nurseries launched their Proven Winners Design Competition at Provender Nurseries open to trade registered customers using only plants from the Proven Winners ®range.  

The winner of the Proven Winners Design Competition at Provender Nurseries will see their design planted on site.  The competition deadline closes on January 8th.

More details of the competition can be found here.

Guests were asked to donate to Perennial upon registering for the Problem Solving Plants event with a grand total of £500 raised in all. 

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