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The Mountfield team like to help charities whenever they can and were pleased this Heart Month to make a donation of one of their mowers to be auctioned off for the British Heart Foundation (BHF) at the Cape Cornwall Golf Club.
The Mountfield Electress 34LI has been donated to the auction which will take place this month.  As strong advocates of healthy living, the Mountfield team know how important it is to reap the rewards of all of the mental and physical benefits that gardening can offer.  Mowing is one way to contribute to exercise to keep our hearts well.  The simple act of being outside in the fresh air and enjoying the greenery around you, can help de-stress you and improve your mental well-being.  Whilst working in the garden, nurturing your lawn and plants will offer physical exercise and a sense of achievement too.

Andy Cleary of Cape Cornwall Golf Club stated "Cape Cornwall Golf Club are so happy to be supporting the BHF during Heart Month 2024. Being one of the most prolific mowers of grass in the area we are delighted to be supported by Mountfield with this generous donation. A round of golf uses approximately 15,000 steps and we hope this mower adds to the health benefits of one of our members”.

Money raised by this auction will help the BHF fund ground-breaking research to find new treatments and cures for heart and circulatory diseases, which affect 7.6 million people in the UK.
Mark Hawkins, BHF Fundraising Manager said: “With around twice as many people in the UK living with heart and circulatory diseases than with Alzheimer’s and cancer combined, we urgently need to fund more lifesaving research to fight heart conditions like cardiac arrest that devastate so many people and their loved ones. We are very grateful for this support during Heart Month as it will help to fund the breakthroughs of tomorrow and keep families together for longer.”
 People can find out more about how to help BHF during Heart Month on their website

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