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Every year, LOFA selects a variety of charities to receive financial contributions. We focus on organisations that resonate with our business values or hold personal significance within our industry or for our LOFA members.

This year we have chosen two charities that are very close to our hearts Dementia UK and Mind.

Dementia encompasses a spectrum of progressive conditions that impair brain function. Each type of dementia disrupts the proper functioning of brain cells (neurons) in specific regions, hindering a person’s capacity to remember, think, and communicate. Doctors commonly use the term “dementia” to describe prevalent symptoms—such as memory loss, confusion, and difficulties with speech and comprehension—that deteriorate over time. Although dementia can affect individuals at any age, it is predominantly seen in those over 65 years old. It is projected that by 2025, over one million individuals in the UK will be diagnosed with dementia, meaning nearly all of us will know someone afflicted by this condition.

Lorna Hawkins, the Corporate Partnership Manager, pictured here alongside LOFA Chairman Steve Millington, remarked, “This generosity will profoundly impact families living with dementia, and we are immensely grateful. Simply put, we couldn’t offer the essential support to families dealing with dementia without benefactors like LOFA.”

For the past three years, LOFA has extended its support to Mind, a charity making mental health a priority in our ever-evolving and often daunting world. Mind stands against injustices in healthcare, the workplace, and legal systems that complicate life for those facing mental health challenges. The organisation provides crucial support, information, and advice to those in need, creating a formidable network of individuals and communities.

Chris Newman, LOFA council member,  recently handed over the donation cheque to Dominic Buchan, the Senior New Corporate Partnerships Manager, at Mind’s headquarters in London. This partnership underscores LOFA’s commitment to mental health and the well-being of our communities.

LOFA are also supporters of Greenfingers, Thrive and Perennial in 2024.


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