Florna Plants donate Christmas meals to New Start

Company: Florna Plants

Florna Plants staff collectively agreed that with the Omicron variant spreading quickly, their annual Christmas gathering at a local hotel was a risk too far.

The Hotel having already purchased the materials were unable to re-imburse any of the monies paid, so Florna contacted the Southport based ‘New-Start’ Homeless shelter and has donated the 45 Christmas dinners to their residents.

New Start is an organisation that delivers a diverse range of homelessness projects which are designed to help some of the most complex and disadvantaged groups across the region. They provide good quality homes and structured support, encouraging and engaging clients in opportunities which will enable them to live a more fulfilled life.

“We are delighted to found a way to benefit this community and that the food will go towards a good cause at this time of year” Sara Brookes – Florna Plants.



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