David Domoney transforms a Front Garden LIVE on ITV’s This Morning

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With the decline of front gardens across the country giving way for tarmac, gravel and block paving, our streets are changing by not only looking less green and beautiful but also having an impact on rainwater drainage and the local wildlife.

On Tuesday to raise the importance of a front garden, David Domoney and his team transformed a front garden in a real-time live Television broadcast in under 2 hours.

Ben Shephard and Cat Deeley threw to David from ITV’s This Morning at the top of the show and followed the transformation throughout the program to the big reveal at the end.

Live from Sheffield, David worked with volunteers from Tillers Turf, British Garden Centres, and horticultural students from Sheffield College to breathe new life into the unused space.


Facing the huge challenge of transforming a front garden live on ITV’s This Morning, David Domoney took on the task of a tired and overgrown plot whilst the nation watched on.

“The most difficult part for us, was a ticking clock, the biggest effort was just clearing the space to get started,” said David. “Once we could clear away the overgrown foliage, the work could start on cleaning, cultivating, and preparing the soil for the turf to be laid.” With time being precious, David gained the help of Richard Owens from Tiller Turf, who diligently prepared the soil and laid out the new lawn.

Whilst the turf was being laid the teams from British Garden Centres, led by Amy Stubbs, and horticultural students from Sheffield College, worked with David to plant an array of seasonally colourful plants including forget-me-nots and feature bay trees.

The phrase ‘kerb appeal’ is often referred to by property experts, and research indicates that 57% of Brits would pay more for a property that has a gorgeous garden. And through the regular updates throughout the popular ITV morning programme, David and his team of helpers illustrated the progress being made.


As time was called on the makeover work, David was able to take Lesley and Ruby on a guided tour of their new front garden. Lesley was overwhelmed by the results, thanking everyone, with highlights for her including the new bench with a dedication to her late mum, and the special Front Garden Facelift blue plaque created by This Morning.

“A big thank you to everyone who helped with this garden transformation. The volunteers and support from the horticultural industry meant we could help a very deserving family,” David concluded.

Thanks also to AMES Tools for providing Carbon Steel Tools for the team.

David is planning more of these transformations and will be working with local garden centres in the locations.


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