Are you using the oldest working ATCO lawnmower in the UK?

Company: ATCO

As part of its centenary celebrations lawnmower manufacturers ATCO is on the search for the oldest working machine still in use in the UK.

The ATCO Standard was launched by Charles Henry Pugh in 1921 and became the world’s first mass produced lawnmower.   ATCO has become the quintessentially British brand and used everywhere from small gardens to rolling country estates.

The brand has always been at the forefront of change, constantly embracing new technologies. Today’s ATCO range includes both petrol and lithium-ion battery powered machines reflecting the need to help safeguard the environment.   It is owned by STIGA (UK) Limited which also owns Mountfield.

“Longevity and quality are cornerstone of the ATCO brand and we would like to find the oldest machine that is still used,” explains Gary Tully, sales and marketing director of STIGA (UK). “We have no idea how many older machines are still in regular use and this is the first time we have attempted to find examples. We are not looking for museum exhibits but working machines.”

Details of everyone who enters will go into a prize draw for the very latest ATCO 16SH which, like its predecessor – The ATCO Standard – is a petrol driven machine. 

To enter, owners should visit the ATCO Lawnmower Facebook page at and upload a photograph of their machine to the pinned competition post.

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