Update on new Covid-19 rules for catering - Amended

The BBC has reported, “McDonald's, Pret a Manger and similar restaurants without an alcohol licence will not need to serve customers at tables, the government has confirmed.

On Tuesday new rules governing hospitality were announced.  They mean pubs and other places with licensed premises must provide table service.

However, James Clark, Director of Policy and Communications at the HTA said, “It looks like the rules are evolving. We understand that food and drink may be able to be served from the counter for non-licensed premises, however we’re seeking urgent clarity from Government because it is not clear. We will ensure members receive the most up to date information from Government.”

Yesterday it said, “Our understanding is that for non-licence premises, consumers can order and pay for food and drink from the counter, but food and drink needs to be brought to the table by staff.”

The new rules come into force this Thursday, 24th September.


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