RHS careers videos to help recruitment

The RHS has created a new careers resource - rhs.org.uk/careersinhorticulture - with over 60 individual films showcasing some 45 different horticultural careers.

Sue Biggs, RHS Director General said: “It’s well known within the industry that spending time outside close to nature and working with plants is great for personal wellbeing. We are delighted that more people are planning to take advantage of this benefit when considering their future career.”

From ballet dancer to garden photographer

The new RHS careers site has 60 plus videos covering individual horticultural careers from Ethnobotanists to Floral Designers to Plant Collectors and Gardeners.

It has career changers and young people all of whom have different stories to tell, from a journey from Ballet Dancer and then Uranium Miner to becoming Garden Photographer to another career changer who was a world class Soprano turned Heritage Gardener.

The top things that would help people decide if a career in horticulture was right for them were; readily accessible short courses and workshops near them (26%); more information about careers online (24%) and work experience opportunities (23%).

Skills gap

Sue continued, “… There is currently a horticultural skills gap in the UK and the requirement for skills is expected to increase 23% in the next 2 years. If we as a country are to benefit from the improved environment, economy and health that would come from expanding our horticulture industry, we need to welcome far more people of all backgrounds into these fantastic green careers.”

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