Pershore School calls for industry help after tool theft

Students at Pershore school returned to school after lockdown only to find the gardening tools in their horticulture unit had been stolen.

Anne Watson, the teacher running the unit said, “It is heartbreaking for us all especially the students – they are having a tough enough time at the moment as it is, without this sort of thing happening.”

Items stolen include:

  • 5 pairs of Kent and Stowe secateurs
  • 1 pair Kent and Stowe left handed secateurs
  • 5 Spear and Jackson hand forks
  • 5 Darlac hand trowels
  • 1 Wilkinson Sword folding pruning saw
  • 4 pairs of Town & Country gardening gloves
  • I Kent and Stowe digging spade
  • Our Stanley tool box which had all sorts of bits in there, screwdrivers, pliers, hammer, spanner set, wire cutters and that sort of thing.

Anne added, “The value of things taken, probably barely comes to £200, but to us as a unit, which has to be entirely self funding, it is a big blow. We are hoping that some suppliers of gardening equipment can help us out with replacing the stolen tools.  

“This year especially, we have lost so much opportunity for the students to raise money by producing plants and cut flowers for sale to staff and parents as well as growing produce for the school kitchens through the lockdowns. We are just fortunate the one shed, which has all our Wolf Multi-change tools, donated to us by E.P. Barrus last year, used by our wheelchair bound students was left untouched.”

The school is one of only a few mainstream schools in the country to have its own dedicated horticultural unit where students can experience some of the skills of horticulture and gardening.  

Four years ago, the school achieved the status of “Approved Centre for Royal Horticultural Society Qualifications”. This means that students can gain a recognised horticultural grade and help them into employment or further education.

Anyone able to help the school should contact the school using the contact the advertiser button below.

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