Latest results show mixed financial fortunes

We highlight some of the recent updates to garden companies in our Company Results service. 

Companies growing sales or profits include

The Barton Grange Group sales increased from £21.2m to £24.1m for year ending Jan 2019, “Whilst overall activity levels at our award winning garden centre were almost identical to those of the previous year, improved margins and controlled operating overheads gave rise to a significant increase in net profitability.” Profit before Tax (pbt) grew to £1.7m (£1.4m for prior year).

Blue Diamond UK, which excludes Channel Island garden centres, lifted sales 42% to £98.9m and pbt to £3.5m (£2.9m) for y/e Dec 18.  A report on the full Blue Diamond results can be read here.

Berwick-upon-Tweed Garden Centre. Sales for y/e Nov 18 increased from £5.4m to £6.1m. although pbt fell slightly to £0.4m.

Sales rose 24% at Pennell’s Holdings to £9.2m (£7.4m), while pbt dipped to £0.8m for y/e Jan 19. Total borrowings rose by £2.3m to £4m. This follows the acquisition of Four Seasons Garden Centre at Sleaford in March 2018.

Coolings Nurseries although sales were almost static at £6.3m for y/e Jan 2019, pbt almost doubled to £0.6m.

Webbs Garden Centres increased turnover to £17.7m (£16.7m) for y/e December 18. Pbt recovered to £1.3m (£0.8m).

Longacres Garden Centre boosted sales to £37.1m (£35.6m) for y/e Dec 18 for its 4 garden centres. Pbt jumped back to £1.9m (£0.2m).

Sales were static at Notcutts for y/e Feb 19, with sales at £74.7m.  Pbt recovered to £3.4m.

Barlow Tyrie lifted sales to £6.6m (£6.2m) and pbt to £0.8m (£0.3m) for y/e Sept 18.

Apollo Gardening published full results for the first time for y/e Sept 18. Sales reached £12.3m. There was a small loss of £0.1m.

Growth at O. A. Taylor & Sons Bulbs has been gentle with sales increasing 1% to £13.2m and pbt increasing 8% to £1.9m for y/e Nov 18.

Stax Trade Centres grew sales to £118m (£115m) and lifted pbt marginally to £0.8m for y/e Aug 2018.

Companies with sales declining or losses

Y/e Sept 18 was the second year of losses at Grange Fencing. Pbt showed a loss of £-3.3m (£-3.5m in prior year). Sales fell 3% to £30.5m. Over the two years borrowings have increased from £3.7m to £8.4m. The company says the market faced the challenges of overstocking, a milder winter and the impact of Brexit.

Sales at garden furniture supplier A.Mir & Co fell for the second year to £12.6m (£14.8m). Pbt also fell to £1.1m (£1.4m).

The Millbrook Garden Company published sales slightly lower at £7.0m (£7.1m) for y/e Jan 19 blaming a difficult and inconsistent year with a cold spring, great May and a very hot summer. There was a pbt loss of £-0.1m (£0.1m). Borrowings almost doubled to £4.0m to fund the new Gravesend restaurant.

Sales declined 5% at Ball Horticulture Europe to £28.8m. Pbt declined to £2.2m. Borrowings fell 21% to £4.9m for y/e Sept 18.

Losses continued at Interpet. Y/e sept 18 revealed a pbt loss of £-0.8m (£-1.0m) on sales of £15.7m, an increase of 16%. Borrowings have almost doubled to £8.1m over 2 years.

Sales fell 7% at A&E Leisure to £8.6m (£9.2m) for y/e Nov 18. Pbt fell to £0.4m (£0.7m).

Turnover fell slightly to £14.3m (£15.0m) at Spear & Jackson UK for y/e Sep 18. Pbt losses reduced to £-0.1m (£-0.9m).

Ball Colegrave experienced a dip in sales to £27.7m (£28.9m) for y/e Sep 18. Pbt also fell to £2.1m (£3.0m).

Sales fell 8% at Planters Garden Centre to £5.6m in y/e Dec 18. Pbt fell to £0.2m (£0.3m)

Synchemicals revealed a loss of £-0.8m (£1.5m) on sales of £27.8m (£28.5m) for y/e Aug 18, due to the collapse of its subsidiary, Showpla Plastics. Vitax produced a profit of £0.9m on sales of £10.3m.

Other companies, showing relatively stable performances

The following companies publish full results, but their performance is relatively static.  Willowstone Garden Products, Alton Garden Centre, Florensis Flower Seeds UK, Westcountry Garden Centres (Carnon Downs and West Buckland), Johnsons of Whixley,

Pbt refers to profit before tax, y/e denotes the end of the financial year and figures in brackets reflect the prior year.

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