Latest garden centre results hit by 1st lockdown (open to all)

Here is a summary from some of the most recent company results published on Gardenforum in the last 2 months.  The y/e date refers to the year end.  Pbt refers to profit before tax, but after interest and other charges.  Figures written as £123k mean £123,000.  We make no attempt to explain the results.

The trend is for turnover to fall at garden centres, who were forced to close for around 52 days in spring 2020 and reopen without their catering operations.  Several suppliers, on the other hand, were able to increase turnover.

Garden Centres

Sales edged higher to £5.6m and profits lifted sharply to £452k (thousand) at Bay Tree Nurseries for y/e (year ending) August 2020 that covered the first Covid lockdown.

Blue Diamond UK lifted sales to £175m (+16%) on the back of buying 16 garden centres from Wyevale in 2018 and 2019.  Pbt more than doubled to £14.8m.  (y/e Dec2020).  Sales fell -12% at Chester GC and but rose 6% at Chatsworth GC. See also the Group results inc the Channel Islands.

Sales fell -7% DJ Squire & Co (Squires) for y/e July 2020 to £53m.  With pbt falling sharply to £930k.

Frosts Garden Centre turnover fell -13% to £17.3m for y/e July 2020.  Pbt fell to £15k.

Sales fell -9% to £9.8m at Gordon Rigg(Nurseries) in the year to July 2020.  Pbt fell back to £171k.

Sales fell -15% at Highfield Garden Centres to £6.3m in the year to June 2020, with pbt falling to £898k.

Sales at Scotsdale Nursery and Garden Centre fell -17% to £18.6m.  However, pbt almost tripled to £3.8m for y/e July 2020 due to a £2.4m gain on sale of some freehold land.

Sales at fell -14% Van Hage & Company (Holdings) to £17m for y/e July 2020, with the company declaring a pbt loss of £-1.2m.


Adenwood, the parent company for Haddenstone saw sales fall to £11.5m from £12.7m for y/e (year ending) July 2020 with losses reducing from £-687k to £-452k.

Sales at Alba Trees grew +9% this year to £7.5m y/e August 2020 and 50% the year before.  Pbt (profit before tax) rose 40% to £1.3m.

Bedding plant supplier, Allensmore Nurseries published sales of £14.2m for y/e September 2020, up 4% on the year before despite the Covid lockdown.  Pbt rose 81% to £1.3m.

Sales at Bulrush Horticulture lifted £1m to £16.9m for y/e September 2020. Pbt declined slightly to £2.4m.

CPL is the UK's largest coal and firewood merchant with sales of £81m for y/e March 2020 in line with last year and reduced losses of £-311k.

David Austin Roses witnessed sales fall £2m to £11.8m for y/e July 2020.  Pbt fell from £3.6m to £1.9m.

UK based Christmas decoration supplier, Festive Productions, lifted sales 15% to £11.5m in y/e December 2020, making a small pbt of £96k following losses last year.

Flora Media lifted sales 20% to £6.5m although pbt fell back to £60k for y/e Dec 2020.

Fordingbridge lifted sales by almost £2m to £7m for y/e Dec 2020.  PBT almost tripled to £775k.

Sales jumped 19% at Forest Garden Group to £74.5m for y/e Dec 2019.  Losses increased slightly to £-676k.

Grower, Johnsons of Whixley experienced an -8% fall in sales for y/e September 2020 to £13.1m.  Pbt fell slightly to £653k.

Sales at Premier PLC fell -2% to £29.4m in the year to June 2020 with pbt falling slightly to £75k.

Sales increased 4% at STV International to £15.1m for y/e August 2020.  Pbt increased sharply to £214k.

Synchemicals, the parent company of Vitax and Slug Gone increased sales 3% to £24.2m for y/e August 2020.  Pbt continued to grow, up to £2.5m.  Vitax sales increased +6% to £12.4m.

Sales grew 9% at Tom Chambers for the y/e July 2020 to £14.8m.  Pbt continued to grow at £1.3m.

Sales fell -12% at Wyevale Nurseries to £10.5m for y/e July 2020.  Pbt were steady at £935k.

About Company Results

The Company Results pages on Gardenforum show turnover, pbt, interest paid, fixed assets, net current assets, total borrowings and shareholder funds for almost 2000 companies involved with the garden sector.  They are available to Gardenforum members.

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