Brett Avery can no longer be HTA President

HTA vice president, Brett Avery, will no longer be eligible to become President as he is to leave Farplants and the sector at the end of the year.

It has been announced that after 5 years as managing director Brett Avery will be leaving Farplants at the end of the year to join  the UK soft fruit grower, Hall Hunter Partnership as Managing Director.

As a result, the HTA has said that he will not be able to become President at this year’s AGM on 7 October, as had been intended, as his new company is outside of HTA membership,

Current HTA President, Boyd Douglas-Davies has agreed to continue in his role until a successor is appointed...

The Farplants Group Chairman, Mike Tristram, said, “Brett Avery… leaves a strong and confident team, united in our aim to be resilient and best in class for our customers and staff alike.  We were delighted to attract Brett into ornamentals horticulture, and though he is now leaving our sector, we are glad that his skills will continue to benefit growers.”

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