The Horti House Showcase Day

Date: 3rd October 2024
Location: Bury Lane

After the success of our first showcase day, at Double H Nurseries in September 2023, we've decided to host a second showcase day and this time we're off to Bury Lane! Bury Lane are one of our founding growers and an original member of our British growers collective.

Our showcase day is a great opportunity for you to explore on of our British growers. If you couldn't make it in 2023 then this is what you missed out on...

  • Behind the scenes tour of the nursery to see how Double H grow their amazing orchids and green plants in vast, high tech glasshouses!
  • A fascinating panel discussion on Navigating Peat Free, with loads of tips on how to keep peat free houseplants looking their best in store, and at home.
  • The opportunity to see our full range of orchids, green plants, poinsettias and cacti. We also showed some of the products that will be added to our range over the coming months!
  • A workshop to look at our product development pipeline and trend analysis for 2024, as well as some insight into improving sales performance using our 'auto replenishment' service and rapid delivery.

Register your interest in the event here.