Plant nursery for sale in Lower Normandy, France

Company: SCEA Pépinière Lecomte

The business includes a 430m2 glass covered sales greenhouse, a large outdoor self service display area for shrubs and trees with wheelchair access throughout. The production zone is composed of 7ha of field planting, a 2500m2 covered multi-chapelle and multiple production tunnels with an agricultural building for potting up and staff facilities.

3 full time members of staff in addition to the two owners make up the team running the nursery.

We specialise in garden shrubs, roses, fruit and ornamental trees.

Our nursery sells mostly locally, to the general public (75%) but also to landscaping contractors and neighbouring communes. We also have an online website for sales throughout France.

The business has built up an excellent reputation over 35 years and generates a healthy profit on a turrnover of 400k€.


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