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It was a night to remember at the GIMA awards for Sipcam Home and Garden as ecofective® Organic Superfood Ideal for Peat-Free Compost took the headlines, winning two awards. This included the prestigious Sword of Excellence for best overall product.

Sipcam also picked up an award for best product in the ‘Garden Care’ category for Organic Superfood Ideal for Peat-Free Compost with the judges highlighting how the product had delivered a solution to help get great results with peat-free growing.

Since the launch of ecofective® Organic Superfood Ideal for Peat-Free Compost in 2022, Sipcam Home and Garden have been working towards accelerating the popularity of peat-free gardening by giving consumers the confidence in their peat-free gardening projects. The product’s idea was also commended at Glee 2022, where it also won an award for best product in the ‘Growing Materials’ category at the New Product Showcase awards, alongside its sister product Organic Superfood for All Plants.

A solution for Peat-Free projects

In recent years it has been a concern for gardeners that peat-free compost lessens results, however when using Organic Superfood as a partner feed this could not be further from the truth. ecofective® Organic Superfood Ideal for Peat-Free Compost (RRP £7.99) contains a complete package of nutrients to help plants flourish in peat-free compost. Plants require the basic nutrients of Nitrogen, Phosphate, and Potassium (NPK), to enable great growth. Due to the ecofective® organic NPK and many other properties, it helps promote bigger and healthier plants.

‘The single biggest issue that we face as an industry is the move to peat-free compost and this helps to address this challenge. It's also well-presented and has great commercial opportunities’.  GIMA Judging Panel on awarding the Sword of Excellence to Sipcam Home & Garden

Happy Plants

Organic Superfood Ideal for Peat-Free Compost creates healthy and happy plants with its multi-action 6 in 1 booster. Available in powder form, gardeners can easily mix it into compost or around the planting area, resulting in up to 2 x crop yields and bigger brighter blooms!

Once mixed in the powder feed provides improved root development of plants. One of the concerns about peat-free compost is that it may dry out quickly, however Organic Superfood is here to help by promoting improved water retention during the growing process. It also strengthens the plant to help resist disease attack due to the combination of natural bio-stimulants, magnesium, and organic matter which provide everything the plant needs to thrive indoors and outdoors, in pots or planting out in the garden.

Organic Superfood Ideal for Peat-Free Compost slow release of nutrients promotes long lasting support. This slow-release mechanism also supports the plant during stress conditions such as heat, drought, and over-watering.

Happy Planet

The ecofective® mission includes creating thriving safer gardens and outdoor spaces friendly to wildlife with products that are kinder to the planet. Organic Superfood Ideal for Peat-Free Compost carries on this mission and more! Manufactured in a sustainable process it reduces the brands carbon footprint and avoids harmful gas emissions such as methane and ammonium, resulting in a much happier planet.

Happy Retailers

Using high impact branding aimed at eco-conscious consumers, each 800g recyclable pouch offers value for money by helping up to 40 plants, seedlings, and potting plants thrive no matter the soil type or conditions. With user-friendly weather-proof packaging, the product enables retailers to maximise sales by offering cross-merchandising opportunities alongside existing peat-free compost products. Full sales support is also supplied with point-of-sale options to shout loud about a product that is the best solution for peat-free growing in our industry.

If you are interested in stocking the perfect partner for peat-free compost email the Sipcam team - or for more information regarding Organic Superfood, visit our website - Organic Superfood Ideal for Peat-Free Compost- ecofective. Order now ahead of the 2024 season.

Organic Superfood is growing

New for 2024 are Organic Superfood liquid feeds. Promoting bigger, healthier, and happier plants, fruit and veg, Organic Superfood liquid feeds provide great results for gardeners with increased crop yields and bigger brighter blooms! Part of the reason behind these results is due to the ability of Organic Superfood to provide improved root development of plants and also supporting plants during stress conditions such as heat, drought and over watering.

ecofective® Organic Superfood for All Plants is a concentrate formula that provides healthy vibrant flowers and bumper crops of fruit and vegetables to include peppers and chillies.

ecofective® Organic Superfood for Tomatoes is also a concentrate solution that encourages the plants to take up nutrients quickly, giving results sooner, for happier, healthier, tastier tomatoes.

Up to 70% Less Plastic

The new Organic Superfood liquid range is available in an 800ml bottle and a brand new 1.2 litre pouch. The new flexible pouch, which is recyclable, also uses up to 70% less plastic and consumes less energy resources throughout its entire lifecycle, compared to that of a rigid plastic bottle.

As well as being more sustainable, ecofective® Organic Superfood 1.2 litre pouches are supplied as a value-added launch promotion with 50% extra feed, retailing at £7.99. The 50% extra promotion and flexible pouch also features on the new ecofective Organic Seaweed, a natural growth stimulant for all plants.  The 50% extra deal is highlighted on pack so the special offer can be easily seen by shoppers in store.

If you want to help create happy plants and a happy planet enquire today by emailing the Sipcam team - to discuss the expanding Organic Superfood range, the right choice for the planet.

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