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Woodlodge, the UK’s leading supplier of garden pots and containers, has teased details of the new additions to its planter portfolio – to be revealed at Glee in September.

Taking influence from current trends and the way consumers have changed the way they use their gardens, becoming eco-friendlier at the same time, Woodlodge is delighted to reveal the latest ranges to their market-leading collection.

RHS Planters

Leading the way is Woodlodge’s collaboration with the Royal Horticultural Society.  Embossed with the iconic RHS logo to give consumers confidence when purchasing, the designs will include artwork from the RHS Lindley Collections, the world’s finest collection of botanical art.  The result is a range of terracotta, glazed and fibreclay pots are licenced under the RHS brand and will be a must have for garden retailers.

The new range will also be supported with newly designed POS which will feature the prestigious RHS imagery, making them immediately identifiable to the consumer.

Heritage Classic

Woodlodge’s flagship Heritage Garden Pottery range is to be extended for 2022 as it brings back a customer favourite in the form of the Heritage Classic range.  Renowned for its beautiful, timeless design that champions a combination of British culture and craftsmanship, the brand will see the return of the much-loved cylinders and cones in dark red, blue and green shades. 

We have seen a trend where the colourful approach to interiors has crept into the garden resulting in outdoor spaces that are bold, bright and bursting with colour. The comeback of these primary colours will create a burst of cheerful kaleidoscopic colour on the sales floor, as consumers look to move to bold hues and simplified palettes in their gardens.

Self-Watering Planters

Due to gardeners' increasingly putting a particular emphasis on sustainable products, the new range of self-watering planters are both ecologically sensible and use resources responsibly. Gardeners who are keen to do their bit for the environment can also do so by using these planters, as they made from recycled plastic and are 100% recyclable at the end of their life.

Additionally, these planters are weather resistant and frost-proof, withstanding temperatures as low as -30°c and as high as 60°c, meaning they can be left out year-round without fear of chipping or cracking.

With the ability to be used both indoors and out,  the planters are the ideal solution for beginners, those going on holiday or simply live a busy lifestyle. The self-watering planters will provide consumers with a convenient way to make sure their plants are looked after, whilst saving time and enable retailers to tap into the increasing millennial market.


Woodlodge’s contemporary lightweight planter range, Modena, is being extended as demand increases for an instant modern, minimalistic look in urban dwellers’ gardens.  Equinox is a new introduction to the Modena range characterised by clean lines and modern silhouettes. This contemporary style pot planter has a strong but featherlight design and available in black and grey neutral tones, whilst the brand-new Latitude design, with its natural wavy grooves makes the perfect canvas to ensure colourful plants standout. 

When wall and floor space for greenery is minimal, it’s time for consumers to look up with Solstice, an elegant hanging planter. The fashion for hanging planters is being driven by millennials who crave outdoor space but are more likely to live in rented flats and apartments where their footprint is at a premium.  Solstice’s simplistic yet eye-catching design will add a layer of dimension and let the plants do the talking.

The Modena range will entice a new generation of consumer who want to invest in sleek planters that will transform the look of their gardens or balconies, but without the hassle of moving heavy pots from place to place.  The timeless look, colour and the understated design of Modena is set to resonate with the beginner gardener whose spending potential and influence can be of great benefit to retail stores.

Michael Wooldridge, Director of Woodlodge said: “ In 2020, with more people forced to stay home because of the pandemic, many turned to decorating their spaces with plants. The entire garden industry saw a tremendous increase in demand, leading to the development of new lines of our containers and planters.  We look forward to working with stockists and demonstrating our commitment to developing the latest on trend gardenware that appeals to all demographics.”

For more information on Woodlodge’s new ranges for 2022, please contact your local sales representative or visit www.woodlodge.co.uk

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