Westland’s Sustainable Compost brings over 1 billion plants to life every year!

Company: Westland Horticulture
  • New Horizon Veg 50L
  • Peat Free Compost
  • Jacks Magic 50L
  • Peat Free MPC John Innes Bio3 50L Bag

Success in gardening all starts with compost. Our relentless pursuit of excellence in ingredients, processes, and quality has resulted in our most environmentally friendly and highest performance compost range ever. It provides everything your customers and their plants require for optimal growth and health.


West+ 2 Moisture Lock Technology – A True Breakthrough in Peat Free

Not all wood fibre is the same and the best has just got better. Westland’s West+ 2 Moisture Lock Technology is a true breakthrough in peat free.

From 2024 all our composts will feature our next generation West+ 2 Moisture Lock Technology delivering better, more improved growing benefits. It helps to overcome the challenge of drying out, which is one of the key issues with all peat free composts.

  • Over 25% improved water retention for slower drying out
  • Fine grade material for closer seed and root hair contact
  • Added Calcium for nitrogen uptake
  • Added Magnesium for chlorophyll production
  • pH stabilized for more nutrient availability

West+ 2 Moisture Lock Technology will be available across the range of Westland Composts in 2024.

New Horizon Organic All Plant Compost is your most sustainable variety and is the leading sustainable brand in our growing media category. Naturally peat free, it’s better for your plants and the planet! It’s 100% sustainably sourced, nourishing by nature, and helps all plants and nature thrive.

New Horizon All Plant has been specially created to be the perfect blend for vegetables, herbs, fruits, and flowers. The ingredients start to nourish plants immediately and continue to feed for up to 6 weeks.

2024 will see the launch of The New Horizon Fund which will help to grow a greener, sustainable future for everyone through supporting gardening initiatives and projects across the UK and Ireland.

Going beyond just being sustainable compost, New Horizon helps to create a greener future for all.

Our Jack’s Magic traditional compost – it’s the original and best all-purpose. Every plant deserves Jack’s Magic. It’s rich in seaweed, full of nutrition and is a wonderfully natural blend.

This peat reduced formula ensures stronger roots, more flowers, and more foliage. It’s great for use all around the garden. Your customers are sure to get those same magical results season after season!

Multi-Purpose Compost with added John Innes - our most popular choice that is perfect for every stage of a plant’s life. From germination to establishment, healthy growth, and mature plants – this compost has everything required to achieve the very best.

This multi-purpose compost is also peat free while boosting plant growth, promoting roots and shoots as well as ensuring sustainable goodness.


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