The new traditional design Barrel Bird Nestbox from Wildlife World

Company: Wildlife World

Our new and unique Barrel Bird Nester is not only an attractive addition to any garden it’s also a perfect habitat for small wild birds - safe from predators with its deep cavity and locking lid.

30th May 2023, Wildlife World, based in Chavenage, Nr Tetbury, Gloucestershire, is following the success and popularity of our ‘Barrel Nester’ for bees - based on a traditionally coopered barrel shape, we have designed this Barrel Nester for birds to provide safe nesting and roosting opportunities for wild garden birds

Mark Pitman, Managing Director at Wildlife World, explains, “Hedgerows and trees are disappearing from the natural world and especially gardens, so now more than ever, it is important to provide safe habitats for our much loved yet dwindling garden bird species such as blue tits, great tits and sparrows. All of these things were considered during the design process for the Barrel Bird Nester as well as providing a truly attractive addition to gardens and a great gift!”

Wildlife World research has shown bird boxes are vital for small garden birds in the UK for several reasons. Firstly, they provide much-needed nesting sites, especially in urban areas where natural habitats are scarce. Bird boxes offer protection from predators and adverse weather conditions, ensuring the survival of young birds. Secondly, they contribute to the conservation of bird populations by offering a safe haven for breeding and raising chicks. With declining natural nesting sites, such as tree hollows, bird boxes play a crucial role in maintaining bird diversity and abundance. Finally, bird boxes enable people to connect with nature by providing opportunities for observing and appreciating the beauty of these delightful creatures up close.

"Sourcing the most sustainable and suitable materials for our products can be quite challenging, but it is always rewarding." Mark continues, "We feel we've achieved that again with the no plastic, FSC timber constucted Barrel Bird Nester. Although not just an environmental decision, going plastic free and using strong FSC timber with a deep cavity also helps ensure the product can withstand attacks from larger birds and other predators truly protecting the birds nesting."

To find out more details or if you’d like to purchase from our new Barrel Bird Nestbox, please contact your Wildlife World trade account manager, phone us on 01666 505333, or order on our trade website or email our sales office at

About Wildlife World

Wildlife World is Europe's leading designer and manufacturer of wildlife products, based in Tetbury, Gloucestershire. Celebrating 25 years in business their products cover a wide range, including; wildlife and bird feeders, nest boxes, beneficial insect houses and hotels, pollinator habitats, hedgehog houses, bat, frog and toad homes, and birdbaths.

Conservation has been at the heart of its business since its inception in 1998, using recycled materials where possible and FSC-certified timber. The UK-based workshop where Wildlife World design and develop its unique products uses renewable energy to operate.

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