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Company: Bloomin Amazing

GLEE 2019 will be West Country Soil Improvement Ltd.’s second as an exhibitor and already their unique new product, Bloomin Amazing has carved a firm foothold in the growing media and compost sector. Winning the GIMA Seed Corn Fund at last year’s show was a great platform from which to launch their campaign to reach garden centres all over the UK.  Approaching 12 months on from the win they now boast nearly 100 garden centre stockists across the UK.

Remarkably, they have also staked their claim to a place in Best Sellers lists alongside some of the big brands. They put this success down to several factors, not least Bloomin Amazing’s impressive sustainability credentials, being sourced entirely from renewable by-products from the making of biogas. Its’ multi-purpose uses are also a powerful selling point – it’s an ideal mulch, weed suppressant, soil conditioner and plant food, with additional moisture retention and even slug-deterrent properties being reported by a growing group of gardening fans. It’s light, clean to handle and almost odourless and represents great value with a retail price of just 10p per litre.

Sales of Bloomin Amazing have more than doubled in the last year and West Country Soil Improvement Ltd have now invested in and installed a second screw press system at their production site on Rainbarrow Farm which will allow production output to be doubled in response to the growing demand.

Bloomin Amazing and the team from West Country Soil Improvement will be on stand 6R80 in the GIMA village.

To find out more about Bloomin AmazingTM go to or e-mail Nick at or call head office to speak to us on 01305 889525

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