READYBLAZE set to make Glee debut

Company: Dizmezs Ltd

Winter fuel experts Dizmezs Ltd will be showcasing READYBLAZE at Glee 2021 for the first time. READYBLAZE is a new firewood brand ideal for the UK market. The brand combines superior performance with environmentally friendly features. Every piece of timber in their firewood products is kiln dried to under 20% moisture content level, leading to cleaner and a more energy efficient product.

READYBLAZE offers premium winter fuels for domestic home and outdoor use. The brand aims to keep people warm via a consistent quality product, manufactured from sustainably managed raw materials and a process designed to reduce carbon emissions.

READYBLAZE is manufactured at the Dizmezs manufacturing hub in Latvia which has modern processing facilities, including a sawmill, a dimension and splitting mill and drying equipment. The range consists of kiln dried hardwood split logs, ideal for use on stoves, open fires and chimineas. In addition to Birch logs READYBLAZE also offer more premium options such as Ash, which burn hotter and longer than Birch logs.

Food Grade Logs and Kindling are also available for wood fired cooking; specially prepared to reduce unwanted flavours being added to food. Also available in the range are Superheat Birch RUF Heat Logs and accessories for the fire such as Wood Wool Firestarter’s and standard Kindling.

Recyclable Packaging

The range packaging is well thought out with environmentally friendly components. In fact, all consumer packaging is made from either recyclable plastic bags or recyclable cardboard boxes.

Sustainable Timber

With 55% of Latvia covered in forest, producing timber products and making efficient yet sustainable processes come naturally. READYBLAZE is committed to sustainable sourcing of raw materials and is a member of the PEFC (Promoting Sustainable Forest Management) scheme. For every 1 tree cut down from a sustainable forest, 8 additional trees are planted in its place.

Furthermore, waste is minimised with the technology in the sawmill being able to use the wood waste as fuel in the boiler plant which produces heat for the kiln drying facilities.

Safer Firewood

READYBLAZE is also a member of the Woodsure ‘Ready to Burn’ initiative to reduce harmful air pollution. All timber is kiln dried to less than 20% moisture levels ensuring cleaner emissions and a higher burning temperature. When READYBLAZE firewood is used, this means cleaner, hotter burning and less harmful emissions than other products available on the market that may be over 20% moisture levels. 

With 25 years’ experience of manufacturing and distributing winter fuels behind it, the brand represents the new age of firewood products by offering safer and more efficient firewood solutions from an established supplier that has high capacity in order to supply the UK market.

Therefore, READYBLAZE presents an ideal brand partner for garden retailers with a concise product range, a clear sustainability pledge and a cleaner performing product that provides a point of difference.

If you would like further details on the Readyblaze brand, the range will be available to see on the Dizmezs stand (number 20H01) at Glee 2021 NEC Birmingham 14th-16th September. If you wish to make an appointment prior to the show, please visit Alternatively, you can browse the range at

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