Kent & Stowe: Extraordinary is worth it!

Company: Kent & Stowe
  • Kent & Stowe Digging Spade
  • Kent & Stowe Eversharp
  • Kent & Stowe Capability Trowel

Everyone who has ever bought or used a Kent & Stowe tool understands why they are Extraordinary. The combination of thoughtful design with beautiful materials has created a range of tools, gloves, and watering cans that are entirely focused on helping gardeners achieve extraordinary at home.

In 2024, Kent and Stowe will be spreading that message wider than ever, with a new heavyweight marketing campaign called: Extraordinary is worth it.

The UK and Irish campaign spanning TV, national press, digital, and Social will showcase the efforts that gardeners of all levels make, to achieve their version of extraordinary at home, and at the same time throw a spotlight onto the extraordinary tools from Kent & Stowe, that make it all possible.

The campaign will focus on real gardeners, proudly bearing their tools, and the mud and cuts of their labours. It’s designed to connect emotionally with the consumer and drive both sales of tools and preference for Kent & Stowe. The TV ad will be supported by extensive digital media and national press. These elements of the campaign will build on the core message, but put the focus on 6 separate product stories:

  1. Our extraordinary stainless steel digging spades
  2. The Garden life range of tools, designed to help the UK and Irelands 11m over 55’s enjoy gardening for longer
  3. The indispensable Capability Trowel
  4. Eversharp Secateurs featuring the hardest and sharpest blade
  5. SureCut Loppers that minimise effort and maximise comfort
  6. SureFit Gloves giving dexterity, comfort, and protection.

This campaign currently under development and will start over Easter Week 2024 and is expected to run for 8 weeks. Retailers who want to find out how they can benefit from this extraordinary demand-driving activity can find out more at GLEE or speak to their local Westland representative.

In common with all Westland products Kent & Stowe can be ordered 24/7 via Westland Live, and frequent top-ups are easy as part of a Westland weekly delivery.

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