Kelkay launches compostable bags for decorative aggregates

Company: Kelkay

There’s been some high-profile media attention on the sustainability of garden products in recent days, but in the meantime, Kelkay has been working quietly in the background on some creative moves forward.

They have announced that they will launch a range of aggregates in compostable packaging that is manufactured from plant material and is designed to break down completely after use. The company has been working with packaging development specialists and their suppliers to develop potential solutions to the challenge of waste plastic packaging.

The material is designed to behave exactly like conventional plastic film in storage and use. But it has the unique property of degrading completely when composted at high temperatures in industrial compost recycling facilities. Kelkay admits that they are breaking new ground with the initiative and that at this stage there are limited routes to collection and composting significant quantities of the bags after use.

Antony Harker said “Plastic packaging is a challenge for all of us, but someone has to take the initiative and show some leadership. Only when there is a commercial quantity of alternative materials being used in the market can we expect the domestic collection and recycling supply chain to work efficiently. In the meantime, I feel better knowing that the packaging we will be using in future will not still be in the ground or floating in the oceans when my grandchildren are grown up.”

Kelkay’s new compostable aggregate bags will be available on a limited range for 2020 whilst the company verifies the integrity and sustainability of the material. The plant-based film complies with British Standard EN 13432, a European harmonised standard which sets the minimum standards for compostable and biodegradable bioplastics.

The full range of Kelkay aggregates  will be on show at GLEE next week on their stand in hall 6 – part of the AMES UK group of companies exhibiting at GLEE 2019.

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